Picture of THE 3RD HAND
Have you ever been working on a project and needed an extra hand?  I have designed a prototype that will hold, grab, and clamp  your  projects while leaving your hands free to build and work. The 3rd hand is engineered to grasp almost any object securely with an easy adjustment of the ball jointed fingers and arm extension.  The flexible arm is capable of reaching around corners, fitting in cramped places and even working upside down with the aid of a strong suction cup base mount.  I believe this prototype is practical and something I would use. Builders and DIY'ers alike should be able to access productive tools such as this.  I hope this instructables contest produces great products from inventive minds all around the globe.  If you like my design and idea, support my efforts in creating this instructables by commenting, liking, following and voting for my idea.  Thanks.
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Step 1: Designing The Base

Picture of Designing The Base
For this first step I took a dome from the primitive shapes category and placed it in the center of the workspace.   This represents a suction cup on my prototype.  A cylinder was added to the dome/suction cup; I then used the fillet tool to round off the edge in between.  Then I added a sphere and filleted the difference between the cylinder and sphere.

Step 2: Designing The Joints

Picture of Designing The Joints
For the joints on the arm of this prototype, I used a shelled out dome with a filleted cylinder connected to another sphere on top.  To the base on the dome I added a beveled o ring designed to sit halfway over on the ball joint so it is held in place.  I added another o ring to the base to simulate a suction cup.

Step 3: Designing The Arm Extension

Picture of Designing The Arm Extension
For the arm extension, I used the copy and paste tool to reproduce 17 total chrome/black ball and socket links.  I stacked and rotated the joints to give the perception of motion and show their flexibility.

This is really amazing job done man. When i was crawling through the images i found its for Instructables 3D contest .. Am i right..?

Lefty4ever1 year ago
Which contest is this in?
Lefty4ever1 year ago
I have one hand and that would be extremely helpful for holding crafts but my base would need to be table mounted I pray you can put them on the market soon
Absolutely fabulous I would love one of these.
If I ever get a 3d printer like you will, this instructable would be the first thing I would print!!! You ROCK!!!
Wow, that is so Amazing!!! you had the skill and ambition to create something so genius, useful, and needed for any one, especially DIYers!!! FIVE STARS for your idea, design, and execution. I will definitely be voting, following, and liking you and I know this Instructable will win this competition!!! KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!!!
KyleTheCreator (author) 1 year ago
Cool ideas!!! Thanks for the feedback.
hiflyer7371 year ago
Very creative. It seems like this could be useful in a lab for holding parts during experiments or projects. Perhaps in a future version this could be a computer controlled robotic unit. Great work from a very talented designer for a 14 year old!
prototech1 year ago
Hey this is a cool prototype!!! I think the uses for this are endless. Keep up the good work!!!
KyleTheCreator (author) 1 year ago
WOW! Such a creative idea! Keep going KyleTheCreator! Your 3rd Hand is awesome. I'm definitely voting for you! Nice design:)