Step 8: More advanced

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'''rewicking:'''to rewick a zippo,you will need to remove the insert,undo the screw in the bottom,remove the felt pad,and remove the rayon balls.then you pull on the wick and feed the new wick through the hole in the insert.make the new piece of wick about as high as the chimney.then continue to put the rayon balls back into the insert.try to "weave" the wick back and forth in between rayon balls.there should be five balls.
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nbarrager7 months ago

so, is it or is it not okay to use ronsonol in your zippo? that part was worded strangely

I've got an old zippo that suffered a LOT of damage, the rayon balls were replaced with cotton balls and the felt pad is missing, now the zippo doesn't lights, or it does when it's overflown and it burns all the way trough the case to my hand (that almost set me on fire a couple of times) the question is ¿how can I replace the rayon balls and the felt pad? I'd really liked to get in working and maybe doing a new refinnish (it's grossly painted black with what I can only assume is a really crappy lacquer)
to fix it send it to zippo head couqturs
Have you thought about taking advantage of the warranty? It should be totally free...