This is my biggest instructable ever and problably gonna be one of the most popular instructables on this website(my opinion). I introduce the world's first true fully automatic pen gun. No joke this thing  is rapid fire full auto. The decided to come up with my own inspiration for this came to me when i was looking at some questions on the questions board about some people asking if there was such thing as a full auto pen gun or if it was possible to make such a thing. Well, after 3 weeks on collecting materials and studying mechanisms and doing research, my own. This can be considered as the machine gun of the pen gun arsenal after what i've seen such as the click pen gun, semi auto pen gun, and the trigger pen gun.i have to say that this will be a tough project to build, for anyone wanting to build this, and that gathering the materials will be a big job. Good luck.

Step 1: gather the materials

this is gonna be a tough task as building this pen gun requires lots of materials. You will need 3 rulers( 2 wooden and one plastic), a transparent ipod case, a mini vhs tape case, duct tape rubber bands( 8 big ones and 2-3 thin ones), knex cog wheel, 2 empty bic pen tubes, a blue knex piece, a small paper clip case, a white peg with a nail through it( i have tons of these as i collected them from the cable guys as they installed cable), and extremely sharp scissors and a  exacto knife(optional).
<p>that looks too cool!</p>
dude its cool but i dont know how it works so please tell me please i beg u!!! <br>
<p>All the rubber bands are released one by one by the wheel. Every time a band comes loose, a cartige is in the way and gets pushed. Hope this helps!</p>
<p>You are not telling how to make it any one wants then he or she could see mine pen gun at </p><p><a href="http://www.instrucables.com/id/pen-gun-15/" rel="nofollow">http://www.instrucables.com/id/pen-gun-15/</a></p><p>it fires ink cartrages up to 85 feats.(and i had shown how to make it).</p>
I has used your blueprints to make a BB gatling gun...sadly...it fail <br>
I think we've all been there.
Upload vid of you shooting it now!:D
parts list?
Wow you have a big ego. &quot;The most popular on Instructables&quot;?
yeah really and my friend says i have a big ego
:| <br>:| <br>:| <br>:) <br>at first i thought that this would be just a thing saying look at my epic gun!, but then i discovered that it was a real tutorial...!!!!
so cool
add a video
what type of ipod case must you use? like the nano or the touch or what? and can you put any iron sights on it?
touch case
The blueprints were a bit difficult to make out, due to lack of shading and the like. I might get the parts together and build one of these... Looks like the kind of thing that would make people cower under their desks in fear when they hear the sound of it(after being attacked by it before and committed the sound to memory, of course.) All-in-all, pretty good ible, and a great idea that obviously didnt get the praise it deserved.
you need to attach a BETTER picture with more lighting, probably an exploded drawing, and a video of the shooting itself (hi-def of course)
the most popular instructable...205 views. *sigh*
Yay, now it's so popular, it has 491 views. Dude, at least try to make accurate predictions. Also, of course it's your opinion, you were the one speaking! It's like saying &quot;I just talked&quot; after every sentence.
You just talked!
No, really? I didn't know that!
You didn't know that!
You need to add more pics. =/ How fast does it shoot?

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