- 4 Italian tomatoes (make sure they are fresh and ripe)
- 1 Onion
- 2 cloves of garlic
- Black Pepper
- Green Tabasco (Jalapaño) 
- Yellow Mustard (or Brown)
- 1 cup of chopped bacon
- 4 Frankfurters
- 1 soap spoon of sugar
- 1 tea spoon of Salt
- 1 pound of Mozzarella
- 1 pound of Cream Cheese 
- 4 Mini Baguettes (Try to find a baguette slightly smaller than your Frankfurter)
- 1/2 pound of Shoestring potato

I used "Queijo Prato" instead Mozzarella and "Catupiry" instead cream cheese.
("Queijo Prato" is a Brazilian soft cheese, similar to the Danish cheese Danbo. It is one of the most popular cheeses in Brazil. And "Catupiry" is an excellent Brazilian Cream Cheese, very very taste)

Step 1: Making the Sauce (Part I)

These are the ingredientes you will need for the sauce:

1. Bacon
2. Garlic 
3. Onion
4. Tomato
5. Sugar
6. Salt
7. Green Tabasco (Jalapeño)
8. Black Pepper

Chop the tomatoes (remove the seeds), onion and smash the cloves of garlic and let apart

Step 2: Making the Sauce (Part II)

fry bacon with its own fat and add the garlic
stir with a spoon
when the garlic is golden add onion
Let the onions caramelize and then add the tomatoes
Stir until the tomatoes begin to melt and add the Tabasco, black pepper and mustard
And finally the frankfurters

cook more 3 minutes and "pronto"!  

Step 3: Building the Beauty

Grate the mozzarella
Heat the cream cheese in the microwave
Add in this order:
Sauce, Frankfurter, cream cheese, mozzarella, potato, mustard

Step 4: And Voila!!!

Enjoy the best Frankfurter Hotdog EVER!

but in FRANKFURT they are the best but we don't eat them there like this...
<p>i laugh at you</p>
Looking VERY good!
<p>Tastes better... Believe me :D</p>
<p>ketchup on the tradional food of my people? sacrilage! that would get you a beatdown in chicago.</p>
<p>Haha! Thanks for the tip, I'll avoid a heinz bottle near Chicago ;) But please level with me, it is a hotdog, not a &quot;El Celler de Can Roca's Parmentier&quot;. </p>
<p>O original brasileiro! Parab&eacute;ns :)</p>
<p>great job! I especially love the part with the aluminum and all those motivational planners :) But i'd try to edit those parts out next time because you don't want everyone to know that you're allergic to yeast, right?</p>
<p>Can't go wrong with the green Tabasco! It makes everything delicious!</p>
Awesome...but the ketchup in the picture kills it
Looks amazing! Never had a Frankfurter before. But that looks delicious.
<p>YES please! And a fanta on the side? Yum!</p>

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