Is your cat lazy, obese, boring, or all three? Well for under a dollar you can change that by making this simple toy! All you need is a plastic ring (found on most bottles) and fishing string.

Step 1:

Find a bottle with a little extra ring on it (as shown).

Step 2:

Remove the lid and then remove the extra ring. This will take a little bit of effort, but just keeping pulling at it with your fingers.

Step 3:

Rinse off to ensure it is safe to play with. You now have the majority of your work done.

Step 4:

Now grab a reasonable size of fishing string (long enough for you to hold the string and have it touch the floor plus a little extra). Loop it through the hole like shown.

Step 5:

Now tie it, and if you have enough string left on the end of it double knot it.

Step 6: Fin!

Here is a video of my cat. He used to love to play with this all the time when he was a kitten and still gets a kick out of it.

To use this: Either dangle it in front of your cat
                     Drag slowly around the cat and they will attack it

Note: If you leave this around the cat may bite the string and "break" it so keep it in a safe place.
<p>That first picture of your cat is TOO funny XD </p><p>Love the idea too, cats need to really be able to catch the things they play with. The ring makes this really easy! My cat never lets go, though... But I will make this one :D</p><p>Thanks for sharing and making me laugh :D</p>
<p>Good idea</p>

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