Hi!!! this is my third instructable - the  comb slingshot / mini bow....
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Step 1: Step one

Picture of Step one
Take of all the comb's teeth except for the ones in the green circles.

Step 2:

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Place the rubber band as shown.

Step 3: How to use it...

Picture of How to use it...
You can use it like a mini bow or turn it 90 degrees and use it like a slingshot.
Kiteman2 years ago
Nice idea, but why not make it for real?
g00d Idea bOy (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Sorry guys. I don't have a camera. But I swear I did this for real.
You really, really need to invest in a camera to get your projects taken seriously.

It doesn't have to be massively expensive, or have a huge CCD chip. Look at my early projects - the camera I used had a 3 megapixel chip, smaller than most current phones. In fact, a camera phone is fine. There are instructables apps for iOS and Android to let you create instructables entirely on your phone, iPod or tablet.
steelsun2 years ago
sorry i don't think it's a good idea.because the comb is too soft to tight the wire.the wire must be very tight for normal use.
g00d Idea bOy (author)  steelsun2 years ago
What wire?