THE Cleaner





Introduction: THE Cleaner

The Cleaner is a robot which cleans all type of things include pipes controled by mobile phone. it works on all the types of terrain.

Step 1: Mechanical Concept

In this step , we make a mechanical concept for our robot . we have every mechanical parts in the first picture and we have two pictures for our robots in this mechanical conception.

Step 2: Component:

we need same component:

1-arduino card

2-DC Motor

3-l298 shield for driving motors

4- bluetooth system for arduino

5- Ultrasonic sensor

6-Usb camera

7-Some male to male and male to female jumper wires

note: we don't use camera because is very expensive.

Step 3: Hardware Body

We use the mechanical system of a tank , we just add for this system 3 small parts of plexiglass , this is the body of our robot

Step 4: Different Picture of Assembling Robot

All picture explains how we assembly this robot .

Step 5: Programming Arduino

We use arduino for our robot, i just upload the code of arduino here in this step.

Step 6: Contolling the Robot

In the first we have a video , in this video we see the robot work .

We use the mobile phone with android system for controlling robot , we use an application which we found free in play store named BlueArd designed by Rui SAntos.

Step 7: Cleaning Brush

When the ultrasonic sensor detects the object the motor turn the brush to remove the object stuck in the pipe.

Step 8: Video Cleaning With Brush

Step 9: Controlling Robot



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    May I ask you how you got the tank which is used as body? I am seeking small and tough crawler system used in house. Thank you.

    1 reply

    This a small Rc tank i found in games of my little cousin

    Been waiting for this, just the help I need, thanks, Semper Fi

    1 reply

    you should fixed two sensor which control rotation behind wheels fixed in motors and control the difference between rotation of the two wheels and repair that in the program.

    Cool robot. If you want to make the video easier for people to view, you can upload it to a site like YouTube, then embed it in the Instructable using the Embed Video tool in the step editor. This will let people view the video right on the page without having to download it.

    1 reply

    thank you for your help my friend

    Your right motor and/or track seems to be dragging making it pull to the right. Any thoughts on how to adjust such a problem?

    1 reply

    you should make a system of regulation, but it's very difficult

    what program to make mekanichal project?

    1 reply