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Hey everyone its chaos here showing you how to build this Beast i call it the DOAS because it is a Double barrel Oodammo Assault Shotgun  Well If you don't want to build this beast after you see some pics well your just weird. Just kidding but really look at it.

Well first some stats
STRONG (for being a first gen)
First of its kind
it is a lopsided
8 pounds ish

Step 1: The Stock

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1.the stock its upside down my bad
2. Build 11
3 build these this

Step 2: The Handle/trigger

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The Trigger
1.Build this
The handle
1. build didn't want to take apart

Step 3: Break

eat some food

Step 4: The Front

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the biggest step
1. the thing two two
4 &5 build these 4 times
6.this is confusing but build this and add 2 plates one on each side the big one is 5 wide
7build two of everything
8. add to both sides
9 add plates
10. attach the ball shaped things

Step 5: Misc

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the ram rods make sure you tape the middle i didn't because i built something else with it

Step 6: Connect

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connect like this


innovanna (author)2012-10-16

Thats better. I like that one. You can pull both pins back at once. Nice job!

hey thanks btw could one of you try to build this sometime i just want to know what you think

Im out of pices right now. Im waiting on them. Should be here in a week

oh okay if you build it let me know hat you thing

mettaurlover (author)2012-10-19

Can't possibly be 8lbs. I built most of the Tank Bow and it was lighter than that, and it's over three times the size.

as i have said its a rough estiment

I'd say it's at most three pounds, due to its volume being mostly pieces.

well it is slimmed down a lot it weighs about 4.5 ish maybe

I mean, I recently built a monstrosity of a pistol and it weights maybe four pounds, and it's bigger than this.

which pistol i would like to see this beast

It didn't work as intended, so I dismantled it. Wasn't very pretty, either; an 11-wide "pistol" that was little more than a brick with a handle.

beanieostrich (author)2012-10-17

This thing is much better, I see that you listened to me on the pin-guides, and making it more lightweight. But I would still add a better trigger if I had the chance. Good job on improving it. :D

PotatoCoffee (author)2012-10-17

Not bad.

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