I was painting a small box silver
and decided to paint a penny silver.
I faked out my gullible friends lots
of times . I made about 25 but I would
never use it at the candy store . I told my
friends to shut up and listen when I was
telling them about the difference between
a PENNY and a DIME,then ,I did not
know but while I was talking one of them
was holding one of my fake-out pennies
they then yelled"OMG WHAT THE FREAK IS
THIS???"I just started laughing terribly
and I got in trouble hope that the TROUBLE
part does not hit you.

Step 1: PAINT!!!

You will need 1 penny,
a silver or shiny white
nail polish, and if you
want you could do a top
coat. I used "BON BONS"
for the white shiny polish
and I used "LOVE YOUR NAILS"
for the top coat.And then
I just took a penny from my

Step 2: Let Dry

(I was going to skip straight to
the last step when I thought that
drying was important.)

You have to let the polish dry
for about 5-10 minutes. If you
have some quick-dry polish it will
probably take you about 2-3 min.
If you are not patient and you decide
to pick up the penny,even though
it is not dry, The penny will have finger
prints on it!

Step 3: Last Step-Top Coat

You can use the top coat for a
shiny look. I used it once and
it looked just the same. I just
hoped that I would need it.
Anyways,it is just an additional
step. I do not want to repeat myself
so you know what to do after
you apply: LET DRY!!!!!!



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    Yeah About that um I will try again but all of my photo files come out corrupted I am sorry.

    thank u dom beef ur comments make me smile :-)

    I have a reel silver penny. it is a 1943 silver penny you can look at one here:penny

    omg i think my dad has one of these...

    I've got like two or three my grandma collected coins i think they only made silver pennies for like a year

    you might not know but that is ilegal lol ur defacing property of u.s.a
    thought id let u know =P