This is the one and only Knex door closer. I admit it is not the best but it works fine. You can even close the door from far away by adding a string to the pin.

Step 1: The Body

This is the main part. It holds the counterweight. It is possible to make the tower 1 gray rod higher to shut the door even farther.
I Know a lot of the pictures are out of order but please try your best. If you have questions feel free to ask.
will "c" batteries work 2 =)
sure just not as well
you could add a trip wire and make your room pitch black so when someone walks in the door closes on them!!!
As soon as I finish building it, the door slams open and it goes SMASH!!
Please take more picture<br />
Q: Why would you want a door closer?
Hmm. "Why would you want a door closer?" PROBABLY TO CLOSE THE DOOR! Not meaning to be rude, just pointing out a "duh" answer to your question.
he meant to say 'why would you need a door closer when you could do it yourself' your so dumb,you think you know everything...wow your so immature...<br />
Dude, does&nbsp;<strong>be nice policy</strong> mean nothing to you. Plus, I said it was a &quot;duh answer&quot;.
Oops, I meant &quot;Dude, does <strong>BE NICE POLICY </strong>mean nothing to you<em><strong>?</strong></em>&quot;.
A: Why do you have to be so critical. I was bored so I built it.
I was sorta kidding, I kind of thought it was pointless.
Well, it closes doors, and doors are there for opening and closing, so no. No it is not pointless. Not in the least. I think what you mean, is its only value is hack value. I'd agree with that.
well mybe everyone who is saying that it has a purpose r jst fat lards who sit around n play xbox all day n cantt get up n close a friken door.
Way to generalise there. Millionaires who have their own gyms, and are in the peak of physical fitness have automatically closing doors. Gonna call them fat? If you don't like the model, don't build it, and don't judge others. You don't have the right.
They hav money n work out. Oh ya i didnt mean to offend u when i said FAT!
A: I think it is for people that are too lazy to get out of their chairs and close the door.
Sorry, I already got used to closing the door when I go into a room.
Yes but watch this new video. You can close the door from over 15 feet away like magic.
But why? Why would I do such a thing? Hell, I <em>cannot</em> do such a thing. My room is only ten feet long. <br/>
Than you can set it up as a tripwire. Use your imagination.
Something useful that isn't a gun, made from K'nex! K'zomg! It does look a bit like a trip wire though...
theres a bunch o' stuff thats useful made of knex :D
Yes I saw that before. If you put a yellow rod on the line the door still closes and you cant trip over it.
i dont close msot doors, and this wont fit in my bathroom...and what exactly is this, jsut something that pulls a string?
i made a light turn off thing before
Yay! Something besides a gun! Plus one man card.
I'm taking away one of your man cards for enjoying something that's not a gun!

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