Introduction: THE FIRST Knex DSR 50

Picture of THE FIRST Knex DSR 50

Step 1: Special Thanks...

Picture of Special Thanks...

Special thanks to Raiden97 for the mech!

Step 2: THE STOCK!! and Tiny Thing XD

Picture of THE STOCK!! and Tiny Thing XD

Just the stock and the thing the end of the gun sits on. I don't know it's name, just saw it on the dsr50 so recreated it to the best of my abilities!:)

Step 3: Handle

Picture of Handle

Nothin much :)

Step 4: Fake Unremovable Mag

Picture of Fake Unremovable Mag

Useless but gives it more detail

Step 5: Front of Fake Barrel and the Grip

Picture of Front of Fake Barrel and the Grip

Barrel and grip for comfort( also for more detail:))

Step 6: End of Fake Barrel and Muzzle Break!

Picture of End of Fake Barrel and Muzzle Break!

Just some more detail

Step 7: Bipod

Picture of Bipod

Just for extra support

Step 8: Da Snipa Scope

Picture of Da Snipa Scope

$pardons me baads englisho:) the snipers scope! It's very detailed and looks just as good as the real scope

Step 9: The Whole Gun!

Picture of The Whole Gun!

It's about the most detailed as as close as you can get to the real thing! Looks just like it! My fav gun finally! It took a month to plan and after giving up numerous times, I built it on June 4,2013 starting at 8:00a.m. And finishing at 6:40P.m. That same day. Now! Time to clean up the knex on the floor! I WILL NOT POST INSTRUCTIONS AND I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PAINS CAUSED BY THIS GUN

Step 10: Almost Forgot! the Ammo

Picture of Almost Forgot! the Ammo

Just the bullets and rubber band(#64) needed


Kona-chan (author)2013-10-24

nice gun, try next time to connect the muzzle more to the barrel and leave space for the bullet then
then it looks more realistic
it's a nice gun

knex weapons of DOOM (author)2013-07-06

@dr.richtofen yea, i fixed the magazine problem, stock, i took the muzzle break off for a silencer i changed some things in the youtube video

thanks for all the nice comments and constructive criticism!

nerfrocketeer (author)2013-06-06

nerf longshot! there's a similarity!

dr. richtofen (author)2013-06-05

It's off, in a lot of places. The end of the stock on yours is higher for no reason, the handle is completely wrong (both in shape and angle) the scope is way to far backwards, and for some reason, you made the forward magazine smaller than the one in the back.
Some things that aren't good too, are the bending forward barrel, the muzzle brake that doesn't attach to front of the barrel (at the same height), but rather extends below it, the scope that's meh (this is a great k'nex scope)
ix those things in a next gun

hunter999 (author)2013-06-05

Nice dude! It looks neat!

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-06-05


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Bio: Hi! I enjoy making knex weapons, especially ones that cause DOOM!
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