i made this gunwhen i was fildin around with the tick (i made 2 of them) so here u go

Step 1: Step1: Parts


dark gray:
lt gray (broken)1
ball socket:1
y clips:6

rubber bands4-5
ammo (dark gray):1

Step 2: Step2:body/mag

easy and srrory for the bad pics

Step 3: Step3:ram/trig/suprot Thiny

follow the pics

Step 4: Step4:rubber Bands

adding the rubber bands
wrapthem around and around

Step 5: Step5:comparsin Betwean the Tick and the Grem/how 2 Load

comparsin betwean the tick and the grem
how 2 load
cool lol
lol very tiny :3
dude, get a halfway decent camera, yours sucks harder then a german vacuum
sut ur mouth i have a 12 mega pikle camera its the light
mega pikle?? that sounds like a really big pickle.. break out the MEGA- BURGER!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
So how big will the burger be?
Pretty damn big!<br>
okay I believe you, really I do. also I'm thinking in your name you meant to spell it builder, not boulder
&nbsp;ummm boulder=bolder=???????
i know whats wrong with the pics i was to close with it
hey all im saying is it sucks at in action. Regardless of your "mega pixels" its not working for ya.
What about a "woman of the night" with a $5 note? Nice ible
You barely beat the tick! 4*, because it may not work so well at that point
its a noob gun :O u hate them
i only hate the block triggers.
&nbsp;same &lt;_&lt;
thx and it does work well
&nbsp;lol you should call it ''the tack''
can any1 post better pics cause i cant understand
bad pictures
yeh its the flash
manually shut the flash off
Wait? Why flash? That cameras fine if you didn't use flash
my weirdo friend can't really say whatever, so he says wever, its sooo annoying!
that doesn't make sense?
it does i just like to comment on peoples english
do u have to cut it
no but it will have better proformace and if you do cut it look for knex _builder_freaks buzzard it has the same thing
to much d*mb light
y is the picture a yellowish orange
i tried it with no flash
Dang I think I helped start yet another fad...
I noticed... BTW with your gun.. i sorta made it a 20bullet magazine, a actually trigger by using the white rods stickign out (pivoting long orange)
ya when i saw this i was thinking "dang you thedunkis, now we have even more spam"!
And I get in trouble for it...
yes you do! <sup>LOL this is what you get for posting a small gun...</sup><br/>
You think you started the sidearm fad but you really didn't. Loosewire was the first and you copied him and then everyone copied you.
Key word <strong>helped</strong> I mentioned that almost 500 hundred other places of course you need to find some reason to attack me. Loosewire made his side arm. Dsman then modded it to make his own. I came up with my own design some while after that and then the flood of side arms similar to mine came in. I made the saying &quot;side arms are the new sniper&quot; because before side arms it seemed as if snipers were the fad. A lot of people also wanted to try out side arms. I know I didn't start the fad I just jumpstarted it. You could say the same about killerk's pistol. It wasn't the first knexgun but the first to inspire a whole load of similar ones after that.<br/>
guys cut it out please!!
thats why i havnt made a sidearm with your design o_O tryna think of a new design/concept without adding to it a list of similarities that are out there. atm im making a knex chainsword from WarHammer 40k

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