This is one of the greatest pranks for a mac computer known to the human race. It is a compile of knowledge collected over about 3 months of using apple script editor on and off. I took everything I knew and compiled it into a massive killer prank that will own any victim you choose (of course, they have to have a mac). As promised in the video, here is the script you can copy into apple script editor if you don't want to memorize all the commands. VOTE FOR ME IN THE APRIL FOOLS DAY CONTEST and maybe post a comment telling me what the reaction was of your victim and how you used this prank. Peace Out
Disclaimer: I don't want to be a party pooper by posting this, but I have to. I am not responsible for any kind of trouble you get into by using this prank (I got 2 hours of detention for this prank, but it was still quite worth it) :D.

As promised here is the code:

tell application "Finder" to say "PUT WHATEVER YOU WANT YOUR VICTIM'S COMPUTER TO SAY"
tell application "Finder"
repeat # times
  make new Finder window
end repeat
end tell
 open location "PUT RICK-ROLL SITE HERE"
end tell
display dialog "PUT YOUR TXT HERE" buttons {"FIRST BUTTON", "SECOND BUTTON"} default button 2if the button returned of the result is "FIRST BUTTON" then
 -- action for 1st button goes here
 -- action for 2nd button goes here
end if

<p>I compiled my own code with a more advanced virus prank into a nice application. Feel free to download it here: </p><a href="http://riffhold.com/Wg9" rel="nofollow">http://riffhold.com/Wg9</a>
Slightly late to the party, but here are a few &quot;upgrades&quot; to the code:<br><br>set volume 10<br>do shell script &quot;say -v trinoids Virus activated&quot;<br>tell application &quot;Finder&quot;<br>activate<br>repeat # times<br>make new Finder window<br>end repeat<br>end tell<br>tell application &quot;NAME OF WEB BROWSER&quot;<br>open location &quot;WEBSITE&quot;<br>set volume 10<br>end tell<br>display dialog &quot;Virus propagating.<br>Plan of action?&quot; buttons {&quot;Seek and Destroy Virus&quot;, &quot;Self Destruct&quot;}<br>if the button returned of the result is &quot;Self Destruct&quot; then<br>tell application &quot;System Events&quot; to sleep<br>else<br>set volume 10<br>do shell script &quot;say -v zarvox requesting authorisation for M,A,D, weapons strike&quot;<br>do shell script &quot;shutdown -h now&quot; with administrator privileges<br>end if<br><br>Basically this turns the volume to full, says the stuff in a computer-y voice, and has the capability to shut down the computer or put it to sleep.<br>Use with caution. (I'm not responsible for any damage done using this btw)<br><br>Thanks to SebLim for the original &quot;virus&quot; code
ahahaha. thank you ! im really excited to see how my mom freaks out...
do you think you could transpose this to windows? i would love to use it, but im not familiar with mac
Just make a batch file, duh, different commands but it can do the same and so much more
I saw minecraft in your dock... Thats awesome
Haha it is a great game!
AWESOME!!! I luv this 'ible!<br>Great job!<br>kk
Tnx a lot I am glad you like it!

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