I wanted to do something a little special for my new shop. I went with a painted floor.

Step 1: My Shop

Picture of My Shop
photo 12.JPG

My Shop is 24x24 and it took three gallons of white and one gallon of black (mixed) of garage floor paint to get it covered.

cjdeere11 months ago

Great Job! #JeepLife

jakel (author)  cjdeere11 months ago

Thanks :)

domenic31 year ago

YEAH JEEP!!!!!!!

jakel (author)  domenic312 months ago

Thanks :)

Powelm1 year ago


jakel (author)  Powelm1 year ago
Thanks :)

Looks Awesome!

kbc21 year ago
awesome lay out! have a drawing a friend did ..... jeep head light and grill smiley face. he was going to do a tire cover with it.
jakel (author)  kbc21 year ago

Thanks for the comment :) Throw me a vote if you can.

LynxSys1 year ago

That's a fun way to add some creative flair to your floor! I see that your original drawing is on graph paper; did you use a chalk line or anything to create a grid to keep the scale, or was it easy enough to do without it? Also, are you planning to clear coat over your floor to protect the design, or do you think that the paint is tough enough that you won't need to?

jakel (author)  LynxSys1 year ago
Thanks for the comment. :)

The scale was out of whack on the grid paper. I just used it for a concept. I laid out the logo in Autocad to get the proper scale. went with 12" headlight outline because it was the diameter of a five gallon bucket and scaled everything around that.
69.5" from outside edge to out side edge of the logo. 2" from edge of light to first slot, 4" per slot and 2.25" between the slots. slots are 24" long

once I laid out the 12" circles I use a straight edge (2x4) to draw a line across which is the same for the slots.

I use a framing square to draw 90 degree lines from the top edge down.
then it was tape and cut.

looking at a clear epoxy coat for strength. just keeping it to foot traffic until then. The paint is just 1part epoxy. It s tough but can get peeled up.