stats : range 70 - 100  with 4 #64 rubber bands , scope , bipod , ammo storage   ,   very accurate     LEATHAL POWER .                      don't forget  to comment  and  subscribe !!!                                                                                                                 
Not bad!
meh....dont make crossbows that have areas that are 3 units thick,they are very painful (In other words, they have a problem with exploding) Also it is more of a slingshot not a bow,needs a better stock and reinforced.
Tis okay, but you should maybe make a better bow (is it even there?) and a better stock. Also, listen to Dr. Richtofen: he knows his stuff.
It's okay, I like the rail-ey system it has on the bottom. <br>Though the orange connector row in the middle should attach to the 45 degree slot, not the bottom one, this adds too much friction. Also, with the middle row in the 45 degree slot, you can add green rods between the top and bottom row, making it sturdier. <br>The stock end could be better, it doesn't look the best and sturdiest. <br>And, as it's supposed to be a crossbow, where's the bow part?
Cool! Could you maybe post a build? :)
I don't see a bow.
You might want to spend a little more time talking about your gun... just sayin. =D

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