Steps on how to make a dog bed out of a pallet.

Step 1: Get Supplies

Step 2: Take a Few Peices of the Pallets Off

Step 3: Measure the 4 X 4

Step 4: Measure the Pillow

Step 5: Mark the 4 X 4

Step 6: Mark the Cut Spot

Step 7: Cut the 4 X 4

Step 8: Scale How You Want the Design

Step 9: Placing the Screws Where We Want to Drill Them In

Step 10: Screw in the Screws

Step 11: Final Product

Definitely not 4x4's
2 2x4s are a less expensive alternative to a 4x4
<p>Maybe he's working in centimeters? I can't tell...</p>
whats is it.???
<p>Thanks for sharing :)</p>

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