Hello Cool Knex13 here. 

I like to show you my first gun SO BE NICE.

Have fun! 

Step 1: The Base

Make this.

Plus follow steps.

Step 2: Make This

follow the notes.

Step 3: Ammo Holder

Follow notes

Step 4: The Top

follow notes

Step 5: Almost Done!

Follow notes

Step 6: Rubber Bands

Follow the notes

Step 7: Loading

Last step and this is how to load

Step 8:


Hope you Like It!
Average, 2.5*
why? <br>where have i gone wrong?<br>
It's average because it IS average.
Now I know why you said my gun is average because I have looked at your guns and they are 10x better than mine. But it is my first gun!<br>
I agree with u cool knex13. you'll make better ones in the future I hope.
This is great.
Thanks. =)<br><br>Did you make it?
No. I might though.
cool <br>If you do give me your photos and I will put it on the home page.
it's pretty good for your first gun 3*
What was your first gun <br><br>Was it better than mine
my first posted gun was my d. eagle. But i've made lots of guns before i started to post them, and i have made guns recently but didn't post them, so i can't realy tell

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