This will teach you how to do accomplish the perfect oreo dunk NO UTENSILS LIKE THE LIL GIRLS USE IN THE OTHER INSTRUCTABLE!!!

Step 1: Requirments

1 glass of milk
1 Box of oreos(Do not really need a whole box but after your first you will want more.)
2 Press on nails.

Step 2: Apply Fake Nails

Now it is very simple because all you need are two fake nails. Make sure they are long and apply to thumb and index finger of your dominant hand.

Step 3: The Dunk

Now that you have your fake nails applied to your fingers you grip your oreo roughly 1/4 of the way down so that you do not risk having the cookie break on you and sinking to the bottom of your glass. Submerge the cookie in full into your glass of milk. Wait approximatly 13.693 seconds and slowly remove to ensure your cookie is whole.

Step 4: The Consumption

You will want to let your oreo drip 2 or 3 times before raising at an average speed to your mouth so that milk does not drip on you. Then you repeat the process until you are completly satisfied with the amount of oreos you have consumed.



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    The other instructable worked better. When I tried this the oreo didn't fit in the glass. Then, the other one told me the glass has to be wider than the oreo.

    i wourd make an oreo dunker just some well bended sheet metal with holes to drain them

    Tweezers, Use Tweezers, Never know where those fingernails have been ... lol
    Also I go to the full 14 seconds, Yea I live dangerously ....

    well to tell the truth last night i was weating some oreos and i just used my hands lol i got a nice size cup and some oreos. i held it under lightly pinching the top and when u felt it start to mold in where ur fingers are i took it out and ate it and they were made to perfection. of course i had to lick my fingers afterwards lol

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    just put as many oreos you can int an empty cup fill it with milk and wait a while until the oreos dissolve then drink up

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    omg Oreos are now my fav food, i love them so f_ _ _ing much, if i could eat Oreos for every meal i'd be in heaven

    you guys are thinking to hard it is an easy, and perfect way to dunk your Oreo without the mess to pick up afterwards

    I'm sorry,I do not see the point in this ?it still does not help me increase the amount of chocolate biscuits I can eat in one go (five)perhaps I can find a bigger mug to dunk more in perhaps? any thoughts... LOL!!!

    Lol to tell you the truth me and a friend were just sitten in study hall and we decided on looking up instructables and we could not find a cool one for oreo dunking so we made our own that we felt was suitable lol

    Or you could quit being a "Lil' Girl" and just let your fingers get wet...


    Don't you class false nails, applied solely as an aid to dunking, to be "utensils", and much harder to put down?

    OMG i tried this and it works, thanks man for the new dunk style