Several weeks ago, watching this instructable TATTED NECKLACE I fell in love with this beautiful necklace.

But ... Surprise! The tutorial was poorly explained and unfinished.

Then I began to surf the internet, to learn needle tatting, look for patterns and uncover the secrets of this beautiful art manual.

Finally, after many tests and failed attempts, after many hours looking one solution to make the necklace, I managed to decipher how to create it.

It is for this reason I decided to share it with you all because, like me, many people had stopped asking posts to the author's instructable to finish loading, and for months we have not received a reply.

I hope you can understand it correctly, and you can finally make a nice necklace, for yourselves or to give away.


Lunatics kisses!


This first step is very important!

Before starting the work, we have to introduce all the beads in the yarn that are going to need for our work. The beads stay in the yarn of the ball, waiting to be used when necessary.


If we are not sure of the exact total amount of beads that we need to work, you should make sure and make several more beads. It is better for us on beads that we are not missing.

To enter the beads in the yarn, I use several hours looking for a needle that would be adequate, but none of those I had in my house went well. So I decided to create my own beads needle.

It is very simple: We take a piece of thin nylon fishing thread, between 7 and 10 cm long, fold it in half and make a knot with both ropes by half the length. Then gently and with the help of a lighter, heat the tips of both to melt the nylon ropes and squeeze between your fingers to unite them. Ideally, we would be as you see in the picture.
This is beautiful! It is very kind of you to share your instructions!! I have just learned how to needle tat. I am going to attempt your necklace as a gift to my daughter for Christmas. I will let you know how I get on with it.
Hey, to introduce the beads I used to look for the little metal strings that come on the bread, I cut off the plastic and used them. It works wonderfully to me. Maybe it isn't of any use for you now anyway I wanted to share with you.
Overall, a great instructable. I really liked the 1,2,3,4 parts of the photos. Shows the progression without me having to click back and forth. I love variegated yarns and threads. Just for the record, though, I did find it distracting for the instructable. Maybe for your next instructable, photograph the how to parts in a solid color and show how a finished product looks using the variegated yarn. Anyway, it's just a suggestion. How about a poll? Would you rather see a solid color for the instructable? (Reply "solid.") Or did you love the variegated yarn in the instructable? (Reply "variegated.") I vote solid.
Solid. I agree with both points, the multi-coloured thread as a bit confusing, but the 1234 pictures are great! :-)<br />
Solid. Looks cool finished, but harder to see in the Instructable.
Hi! Really loved the necklace, and busy working on one myself. I agree with the other poster, about the color though. That tri color yarn makes stuff VERY difficult to see. Needs to be in a solid color. Also, Might want to recheck a few steps, especially where you have to join rings. I found a few times I had to look at the pictures to figure out where the ring were to be joined. And I think there are a few steps mistakenly repeated. But still, the pattern is great, and is a good way to learn how to do more difficult stuff.
I'm learning tatting and I appreciate the instructions here!! I seem to be able to do the needle tatting better than shuttle tatting, although I'm trying to learn both kinds. My experience trying to figure out instructions seems to be about like yours. I found a good shuttle tatting video at my library but the only needle things I've found have been online (although my local craft store sells the needles). As a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, I rely heavily on books and articles to learn things, and all across the spectrum the English (British) ones leave out or gloss over steps which, to my American mind, are crucial. Anyone else notice this?
I tat with a shuttle, not a needle and it would be hard to do this with yarn on a shuttle, since the yarn doesn't slide as easily because the tension is tighter, but I really like the colors in your necklace and the look of it. Good for you for figuring it out - not an easy task!
Hello Ginab6! Thank you very much for your comment! But I must say that for the tutorial, I used a thicker needle is necessary, so that the photos are clearly seeing the realization of stitches, forms, etc.. Obviously, as explained in the instruction, we must choose a needle according to the thickness of the wool we use, so the work is clean and the tightness. Moreover, and this goes for all, I will can add the tutorial pattern designed by myself, with each step, and finally add a couple of photos of the necklaces made with fine needle to remain as you shall see in reality. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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