How I Face Painted V for Vendetta Mask to a Dark Knight Joker!

Step 1: White Spray

Spray Paint the Mask White.

Step 2: Face Painting

The Face Painting, I used some left over Paint I had called Fabric paint ( Red and Black Paint ) and it worked pretty good, But if you have something Better be my guest I'm not a Face painting Person. Hope You Like IT"
Great instructable! Wanted one of these for a long time
<p>Great idea.The mask looks MORE scary.</p>
<p>Awesome idea. I tried one. Turned out amazing.</p><p>Thanks :D</p><p></p>
<p>Also i tried solving the chin beard problem by covering the sides with silicone, could have been better</p>
WOW! Looks great, and if you supply with all black contact lenses, it could get pretty scary

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