IM sorry to say this will not be posted because there is just too many problems, and it doesnt shoot well, i only post guns that shoot well, i dont want just looks, i want performance and reliability, and this is anything but that, so i am SORRY to say that i will not post :(
nice name :P looks are not too bad
i hope it wont either it looks awful
Not to offend but why making a slideshow instead of put by the other slideshow: This will not be posted. ?
you should post it anyway and let other people mod it so it works better coz im good at moddin knex guns or they could just take out the mech and use it as a model
The gun's actual name is T.G.W.N.B.P. XD
To make sure people know which one
Why bother what?
wahhhh! Just post the stock please!
Im keeping that part :P
Ive never heard of a "THIS WILL NOT BE POSTED" gun XD 5*

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