hello, this is a instructable explaining the basics of programming on your TI-83 84 calculator. Also, i could make other instructables on more specific things, depending on the feedback. Sorry about the pictures, i'm bad with a camera.

Step 1: Create Your Program

ok, first, you need to create your program. first hit the program button, then keep going to the right until you get to the new section as seen on the picture. name your program whatever you want, i named mine test. you should end up at this screen (picture 2).
<p>I don't have the option &quot;new&quot; after hitting PRGM. please help me.</p>
<p>Don't know if it helps any now, but its 'PRGM' in the corner close by the arrow keys</p>
Where is the program button?
Thanks, this Instructable really helped me! Good job!
How do i get it to not show both of what its supposed to say when i choose the 2nd through something option it is quite irritating. P.s. cute cat<br>
You need to put a ClrHome after Pause after Disp &quot;HELLO&quot;. I did that too. (:
How can i delete a program?
-Turn on Calculator <br>-Press (2nd), then (+) <br>-Press (2) <br>-Press (7) <br>-Highlight the PRGM(s) that you'd like to delete and click (DEL) <br>-Click Yes
Press <2nd>, then <+>, then <2>, then <7>
I have been able to make some crazy games, and I have a website displaying the source code in plain TI-BASIC of a few of my games. Check out&nbsp;<a>http://www.boredinclass.net/&nbsp;<br> <br> H</a>opefully it helps some of you.<br> <br> Or, if you want your own source published on the web. You can do that on the site too.
check out ticalc.org there is A LOT even more stuff.
Hey Sorunome, I didn't think I'd see you here in a programming instructable. Small world
Ow yeah... next Friday I'll surprise you all with my next ible :D
Saw your next ible :D
Your ible is in the &quot;Related&quot; tab of this one
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I have..<br> <br> :<strong>Prompt</strong> H,K,P<br> :<strong>Output (</strong>1,1,&quot;Vertex (&quot;,H,&quot;,&quot;,K,&quot;)&quot;<strong>)</strong><br> :<strong>Pause</strong><br> <br> What i'm trying to do is get it to display<br> <br> H=? 4<br> K=? 5<br> P=? 6<br> Vertex (4,5)<br> <br> (The 4,5,6 are arbitrary values I could enter)<br> <br> Anyways, the prompt part works fine, but I'm not sure how to get it to output the Vertex line like that.<br> Any help is appreciated &amp; thanks in advance.&nbsp;
:Prompt H,K,P<br>:text(-1,1,1,&quot;Vertex (&quot;,H,&quot;,&quot;,K,&quot;)&quot;)
Try this:<br> <br> <b>:Input&nbsp;</b>&quot;H:? &quot;,A<br> <strong>:Input</strong> &quot;K:? &quot;,B<br> <strong>:Input</strong> &quot;P:? &quot;,C<br> <strong>:Disp</strong> {A,B}<br> <br> Remember to actually use that type of brackets: they are used by pressing 2nd and the parentheses signs.&nbsp;
is there a way to make the menu more than 7 entries long? i am building a program that will take my other programs and combine them into one, but i have 17 programs and the menu command only allows a maximum of 7. please help.
when i press enter to goto the options i get a frekin error<br>
you dont have a , between &quot;options&quot; and &quot;again&quot;<br>
sweet man, this helped big time. i now have a chemistry formula program with several menu entries, its awesome
Awesome guide bro, thanks
how do you make something repeat over and over agian??
you can always use a while loop with the test statement being 1. Command Syntax:<br /> While condition statement(s)<br /> End Menu Location:<br /> While editing a program press:<br /> PRGM to enter the PRGM menu 5 to choose While, insert statement, then &nbsp;use arrows 7 to choose End.<br /> <br /> go here for more info:&nbsp;<a href="http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/sk:loops" rel="nofollow">http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/sk:loops</a>
after the clearhome put in a prompt for B then put in a FOR(A,1,B,1) the program will repeat for what B is worth.
At the end of a label, hit prgm 0, or just scroll down in the prgm menu, it will give you a goto command, and you type the label you want to go to, and ti will go to that label when the calculator gets to that.For example:<br /> <br /> lbl A<br /> disp &quot;HI&quot;<br /> goto A<br /> <br /> This will constantly display Hi, over and over again forever.
Why not use a TI89 for programming, it can get more stuff done at a faster rate.<br />
TIBASIC is a shell for the ASM, its not going to be that much faster. if you want a really fast program, try learning Z80 ASM, the TI 83 and 84 series' both us a a Z80 processor.
what is the program used for<br />
These calculators are great, any formula that involves use of a calculator you can make the calculator do by itself. If I would get off my butt and find some time to work on it, I would explain how to prompt variables and the like. I currently use this programming for my pre-calc class, it makes the whole thing a lot mroe manageable.
yay!&nbsp; ill never be bored in class again!&nbsp; now how do you disp. pictures...
<p>Well it's not that difficult. If this is too complicated of an explanation I can post pictures or whatever in a while. Anyway, it's quite simple, make a picture or whatever on the graph window, then go to the draw menu(2nd&gt;prgm) and&nbsp;move to the right twice in the menu to get to the sto tab. After getting to this tab, hit the StorePic button then it will come up on the main part. After you have taht, you can type any integer value(0-9) and it will save the picture under that integer. To recall that picture, go back to the sto menu and hit RecallPic, then type the number that you saved the picture under, and it will display. Sorry for the long-winded explanation, I was gonna make another instructable for this, but I'm just so lazy...</p>
For some reason after i get to the hello and press enter i get the error data type, any suggestions?<br /> <br />
Well as long as the code is matched exactly to what I've got there, it shouldn't give you any problems, I can't imagine how that would happen...hmmm.
i &lt;3 ur kitteh! also good guide XD<br />
Nice stuff! I used to make programs and games on my Casio CFX9850, top of the line at the time. The last thing I made was Space Invaders a couple of years ago. Due to to the lack of processing speed it slowed down too much when I was about to incorporate the score points. Was a nice time killer during lessons though.
yeah i mostly spend my study halls and some of the more boring classes playing and creating games and stuff on my calculator, last thing i made was a timer that was about one 60th of a second off, but it got deleted when i dropped my calc and my batteries or something fell out and my RAM reset
I think the point I realised I was destined to become a computer geek was when I stopped paying attention to an A-level maths class (my favourite subject) to program an orbit simulator or my sharp graphics calculator. A friend had the more advanced model and we collaborated on a simple implementation of Worms.. those were the days :D Nice to see other people realising the potential of graphics calculators- they basically amount to a surprisingly complete development environment that fits in your pocket. Hammerhead- space invaders? That must have taken a while... when we were programming games we hit a fairly solid limitation on complexity because sharp calculators (my school's standard) only allow one letter variable names so you can't have more than 26 variables without a lot of trickery.
Did the calculator have any kind of arrays? That's basically the way to get around that when programming the TI-83+. I used to get so annoyed with that.<br /> <br /> <br /> The TI-83+ had a type of array called lists, which could hold up to 999 numbers each. No multi-dimensional stuff though.<br />
Writing the basic functions didn't take too long but I did spend a lot of time refining and optimizing the code. I don't have much experience with other calculators than the Casio so I can't tell. I never encountered any limitations in string length or size of the code other than the 64kb memory.
It's a big problem that the memory on these things are not "persistent". Lost everything when I changed the AAA batteries and the coin cell backup was drained during the switch. Haven't used the calculator since.
Nice thx! I did it and it work well! im going to get deeper in it and ill try to make it more advanced! ill post instructables !
can anyone tell me how to make a game(tell me the intro, the steps in order to make the game, the codes I will need to use,how long does it take to make a game?, etc
nice cat o.O
Lol I had no idea you could do this. I was making games on my computer for a while and it was a great way to pass the time (although the games sucked...), and now that I know I can do it on my calculator I wln't be bored in class for a very long time. Thanks for posting this.
lol this is easy stuff, but i admit its a good beginners class. i'm making an instructable for the infamous blue screen virus but my cameras being troublesome
i have that same picture have you been to www.unitednuclear.com?

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