This is an instructable for a quick and easy lawn decoration made from any liquid detergent or
softener bottle that has a side handle (nose). Facial features are added first, then the bottle is
mounted to a piece of pvc pipe. The totem head is then spray painted your favorite halloween color, (I chose black). BUT DON'T STOP THERE! Your totem head can be further tricked
out with light up led ping pong ball eyes and/or a mask or wig. Light up eyes make for a
cool effect at night. Make several at the same time and you can line your driveway, sidewalk or spooky path with these "sinister sentries of sorrow."


You will need items pictured here: liquid detergent or softener bottle (the type with side handle), a length of 1&1/2 diameter pvc pipe (4-6 feet would work fine), wooden stake that will fit inside pvc
pipe, spray paint (black is what I used), and 2 optional ping pong balls for light up eyes if you
care to add to your totem head.
Heat gun- aka paint stripper gun- would be slightly safer , no open flame and will melt plastic just as well- caution needed as well, you can get severe burns! Great instructable btw, I will use it this Halloween for sure
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nice...except i just used an old plastice skull and drilled the holes in it for the poingpong balls and lights...great idea though! caps is fine its just the way SOME PEOPLE TYPE.
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How freaky! Should do the driveway idea but with ropes to swivel poles. So they all turn in unison and watch trick or treaters walk to your door!
That is an excellent suggestion. I'm going to work out the mechanics to make that possible for next year's halloween. (I'm thinking of remote controlled servo operation just to add to the fun factor)

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