I am living in Bhutan for one year as my wife is working as a volunteer teacher through the Bhutan Canada Foundation.  I have taken a year off work to spend more time looking after my two sons, a 5 year old (who attends school here) and a 3 year old that I look after on a daily basis.  [For further information on our story, refer to my wife’s blog here http://downundertothetopoftheworld.blogspot.com/].

However, we don’t have a car, and it’s good to get away from the same 200 metre stretch of road through our village where we tend to spend a lot of time.  I also wanted a way to get around with my 3 year old son, that’s faster than walking.  So I decided I needed a child’s bike seat that could attach to my mountain bike.  It also had to be removable so I could use my bike on my own for longer rides (Bhutan is an amazing place for cycling).

As there was no commercial product available here in Bhutan, and difficult to buy one and have it posted here, I made the child’s bike seat out of timber.  So now I can easily and quickly take my son to the child care centre about 4 km away, where he has lots of fun playing with kids his own age and doing craft activities.  It’s also fun riding there, as I get to talk to my son along the way.

Following are instructions for how I made this bike seat, which is based on the concept of a Wee Ride bike seat.  I recognise that it may be open to improvements, depending on how much you ride and how old your child is.  I have thought of ways to improve it but I only have 4 months left here in Bhutan so I think that it is good enough for us the way it is.  You may wish to add a head rest to give your child a place to rest his/her head when he/she falls asleep, which will ensure they don’t fall off the bike.  I also make no claims as to the safety of this bike seat.  I am comfortable that mine is made sturdy enough to keep junior on the seat whilst I am riding but if you make one of your own, you may wish to add some side supports or other safety improvements.

The first photo is the child’s bike seat minus the foot rest, which was installed later.

The second photo is of our first test ride with the child’s seat.