Step 9: Step Nine: the First Layer of Your Terrarium CLAY

Now that your bottle is clean, you can add your layers of stuff to grow your tiny plants in.

So your first layer will be the clay make tiny balls of it and put them into the bottom of the bottle and tamp them down with your tamper until you cover the whole bottom of the bottle. This will hold your tiny rocks into place.

<p>I did not created any terrarium before but I would like to make one. Why do I feel like your terrarium is a bit too wet and your plant may rot. please let me know what is actually happening.</p><p>Best</p>
<p>Have a neat tiny bottle...Will try this! PS I love your wording....&quot;pointy thing&quot;...&quot;pokey thing&quot; and stuff :)</p>
Very cool! Gonna pass this on to my wife for a possible classroom project! Do the bottles need to be corked after the terrarium is complete?
ive never tried to fully inclose one i guess it would depend on the plants inside if they dont have carbon dioxide they may suffocated and die
Just a thought, but I've had good luck cleaning old bottles with just sand and water. I fill them up about 1/4 full with sand, then the rest of the way with hot water. Then stopper the bottle with a cork or your finger and shake it well. The sand scours the sides better than any brush I've found. Might even add a drop of dish soap to help. <br> <br>Nice instructable, I've always found the micro-systems growing in bottles I've found naturally to be quite fascinating, might have to make my own now.
Is it essiantial to have a charcoal and clay layer ( s ) . <br> <br> The terrarium container I ln on using is 8cm Wide by 7cm High . <br> <br> Is this enough ?
clay no, the clay is there to hold in the rocks, but the charcoal is a must your plants will most likely rot inside the bottle <br> <br>if your interested i am making a hobby tool kit to make terrariums keep an eye on <br>www.teenytinyterrariums.com <br>
Thank you, The pictures + instructions are very precise.
You mean, &quot;bottom of the bottle,&quot; right?
I have a little question, what would happen if I make a mid-size bottle terrarium (let's say, a 700ml pepsi/coke bottle), and if I added some insect in it? (hem.. two of these tiny window fly, and two ants?)<br>Would they survive? Or die?
They would die ants need ants they cant survive alone, and fly's only live like a week or two but you can try other insects you might have better luck with i have a large 1 1/2 gallon terrarium and it has a slug in it, it must have been a egg on one of the plants i used it lived in there for a couple of months.
I don't know why other are not commenting, your isntructables is really nice and helpful!<br>I was re-reading it while doing one, and I came across the pictures at step6.. look at it carefully, I don't know if it is on purpose, but it look like a man in the bottle :-D
nope it was not doen on purpose i just made tiny balls of clay and drop them in the bottle but yes it does look like a man thanks for the comment!
soo cute!<br>

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