Every time you try to look up airline tickets, you either buy them or you delay your trip for the next time. I know most of you will not believe that there are airline tickets less than $200 for one way trip, if travelling from Los Angeles to Washington D.C.. The tickets are not easy to find, I mean there are hundreds of websites out there which boast that they have the cheapest fare possible, and can guarantee that, but let me tell you something DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. If you want to travel for less, well you have to do some homework, but no one wants to do it because it is so time consuming and brain wrecking, that most of the people end up buying expensive tickets. So what to do? Do not worry, that’s why I compiled this Intractable, so that everyone can benefit from the money saving tips I use every time when I travel.

· Best websites to find cheapest ticket and compare prices:





· Always delete your browsing history before searching for tickets for the same destination, because some times the server shows the same price you saw last time, and charges you the same. Whereas we all know that fares change everyday, so always clear your browsing history before searching for the same trip.

· Always try to book your tickets in advance, 1-4 months prior to your trip is the prime time for booking your tickets. Also there are certain times during the year when the airfares are skyrocketing. For example airfares during summer are usually above the average fare through out the year. Try to fly on weekdays, instead of weekends, because most of the working class travels on weekends for meetings so demand rises and so does the prices.

· Be flexible about the airport locations, try to find near by cheaper options, because some times flights from international airports are cheaper than local domestic airports. Because the flights to the domestic airports, connect from international airports which may add up to $100 on one-way route, but if you find a non-spot cheaper domestic flight cheaper then you have a great deal.

· Be flexible around the times you want to fly, open up your window. Usually most of us try to look for flights in the timeframe of 9 a.m. to at the most 8 p.m., but early morning and over night flights (Red eye flights) are usually cheaper, and the plus point is, less chaos on the airport, and more peace in the flight.

· Waiting till the last minute to buy your tickets is a bad idea. Most of the people are in a misconception that air fares drop when the departure date is close, but its actually not true, the air fares instead of dropping, always increase when the departure date is approaching near. So always remember try to book tickets in prime time, that is 1-4 months before departure date.

· Now some of us always park their car at the airports, but parking at airports is a mess, I mean the parking spots are so hard to find and they are usually pretty expensive. Look for parking spaces near the airport, there are tons of parking complexes’ near every airport, where you can park and fly, and that too for pretty cheap prices, some of them even have their own shuttles, which transport you form parking complexes to the airport and would even pick you up when you come back. So research there is always a way.

· Now lets get into the flight. I know we all want to travel in business class, because business class is so comfortable, but unfortunately it costs a fortune, and that’s where we can save some money. There is no problem in travelling in economy class, its still the same flight, so just go with it.

· Always add travelers insurance, it usually costs about $30- $40 in domestic flights, the reason why its helpful because suppose some thing comes up and you wont be able to make the flight. So not worry you can get a full refund. So not hesitate to ask for the refund, I mean it your money, so fight for it.

· Baggage, this one is my favorite. Most of the flights allow a small travelers bag and one carry-on item, which is smaller than bag. They do not weigh the carry-ons, and this is where some of our over pack thinking that the carry-ons are free, and the bags end up not fitting in the main cabin. So if you know that you are carrying a lot of luggage, you will be better off checking it in, because carrying a heavy suit case all around the airport can be a pain in the ass, so try to pack only necessary items, which you cannot survive without.

· Last but not least, snacks. Those who travel frequently know that in flight snacks are way expensive than what they cost down on the land. So once you pass the security, there are food courts near gates, and just get a sandwich and some snacks, so that you would not have to buy anything in flight, and that’s another, money saving possibility.

· The most important one, you are in the flight but you have nothing to so and you cannot sleep. In such a situation you need something to get over boredom, so carry an IPod or a portable device, on which you can stream your stuff and stay happy throughout the flight.

So there you go, I have compiled all the possible money saving tips, which I use whenever I travel, Good luck and have a safe journey.


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barkingdogbracelets I travel about every month...

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if you know all this, how often do you travel?

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