Introduction: TIssue Flowers

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Tissue flowers made to adore♥

Step 1: Things Needed...

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Things needed for making flowers are:
3.Flexi String
6.Stockings /Tissue
7.Green tape.

Step 2: String It

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Lay out the long string and cut it at about 5cm/7cm length.
The number of strings you cut are the number of petals you want fo make..

Step 3: Bend It

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Bend the string like a hanger.
The shape must be triangular

Step 4: Tissue Cover

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Place the tissue on the workplace and put the string over it and fold it according to the lines marked holding at the red point

Step 5: Twistie

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1.After holding it just twist it.
2.Make a knot around to hold it.
3.Strengthen the knot.

Step 6: Cutit

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1. A view of strengthened knot.
2. Alter the shape of the petal after it has been tied tight.
3. Cut the remaining tissue from the petal.
4. View of a single petal.

Step 7: Adding Pollens

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Bend the pollen and fix to the petal made.
Tie it along with the pollen.

Step 8: Greenie

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Use green tape to cover the string and give it a flowery look.
Hold tape tight so it sticks to the string.

Step 9: Tissue Flowers

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1.Make as many flower you actually need.
2.Attach green satin ribbon for a blend of long green leaves.


Passion Make (author)2014-08-06

They look lovely :)

:-) thank you

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