TJ-ASTR - the Jamalam's Assault Rifle





Introduction: TJ-ASTR - the Jamalam's Assault Rifle

Hi, this is my newest assault rifle. DJ Radio asked me to post it, so I did. It shoots 2 white rods 40 ft, has a removable mag, with a new system: the mag completes the mag well/barrel, so there is no fuss over transferring the ammo from the mag to the well.
Shoots 40 ft
True trigger
shoots 2 white rods to give a shotgun effect
Hurts like hell if you get shot
New mag with new system

The firing pin gets stuck if you bring it back too far
Nothing too new about it, other than the mag

Step 1: Handle and Trigger

Here we make the handle and trigger. I hope you knew that.

Step 2: Stock

Make the stock and attach to the handle

Step 3: Main Body

Make the main body and attach to what you already have

Step 4: Magazine

Here make the removeable mag and learn how to attach/detach it

Step 5: Adding Rubberbands, Loading and Firing

here, put the rubberbands on.

To load, put as many white rods as you want inside the mag, then put a blue rod in where it is on the video. Then attach the mag. (you can carry around lots of mags!)
Then, to fire, pull the pin back, and pull the trigger!
Any questions, comment here.
The Jamalam



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