Introduction: TJ-SR-V4

Here it is, after a few months! The TJ-SR-v4 is the first sniper rifle (to my knowledge) to use the ball socket connectors as a bullet lock, greatly improving the range to a great 110 ft! The sniper includes:

110 ft range
True trigger
Easy to use

Single shot
Uses a lot of pieces (someone please do a piece count!)
The firing pin is sometimes a pain to pull back as it locks on to the ball connector.

Step 1: Handle and Trigger

One picture, it should be simple enough

Step 2: Body and Stock

You will need leather fingers to do this, but if you don't, just have a go, and use plenty of bandages.

Step 3: The Barrel and Foregrip

This is easy - it is 12 connectors long, and has the foregrip at the 5th connector from the bottom.

Step 4: Rubberbands, Loading and Firing

Read the instructions
1.(this is without the sight on) the rubberbands are stretched around the yellow connector and round the firing pin.
2.The trigger band goes where you see it.
3. Pull the firing pin back, slide the bullet in, holding it out slightly, and when it gets to the right place, push it down until it locks into place, then pull the trigger.
You may get even better range if you sharpen the end of the firing pin, but i can't be bothered to mutilate my pieces..
Any questions, just ask!
The Jamalam



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first of all, killerk did it better than you did it, you didnt sharpen the firing pin like he did. thats why his gun shoots 200 feet, and yours only shoots 110 second, you can take better pictures than this. 4*

yes, and no. killerk did do this on a pistol. he says that this is the first sniper to use the system, so he is still right. and sharpening the firing pin will not make it any more powerful. it really makes no difference. the reason this only shoots 110 feet is the barrel.

Sharpening the pin would surely decrease the range? The area of impact is smaller, therefore unless the point hits DEAD centre of the round, the round will not fly perfectly. It does not make much difference, but a difference it makes. 

Golden star cookie for all :D

speaking of Killerk, hes back, take this moment to interrogate him on his SR-v2............

what is that dog doing in your picture?

getting ready to bite you ('--, i think that looks kinda like a dog's head lol