Introduction: TJASTR2

Your christmas present for 2009. More to be revealed on December 24th.

It has been posted.



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    Prepare to be pown'd.


    I pwn u

    no mate!

    owen mon pwn's you by far

    I honestly don't value your opinion at all. Truth be told; I find you annoying. I search for knex on instructables, and there is a newbish question by you on nearly every page of the search. I don't care what anybody thinks about me, I'm my own person.
    Not that you would be able to identify skill of course... Have you seen some of your stuff? (obviously... although some of it could be designed blindly)
    Now, I suggest you go away, stop asking so many questions and finally get a life.

    Woooaaaah! If he states his opinion, you don't have to bomb him for it. It may be a old thread, but still, Sorry if it seems like I'm choosing sides, in which I am not trying too. Let's just leave it at here :)

    How is that "pwn"? It seems like nothing new. Just same old 45 degree un-comfy handle, and same old storm like gun. And also, silly grammar is not "pwn", either. ;-)

    It's newer than that. Angled mag, internal awesomeness and much much more.

    Angled magazine? That's not really anything new. And what do you mean "internal awesomeness"?

    HEy hey hey, don' go crampin' ma stailez wit ur M4 Carbinez (or is it an M16?) on ma instructablez!