T.K.B.T (The Knex Bear Trap)





Introduction: T.K.B.T (The Knex Bear Trap)

Check My Tornado 480 Command V2 too!

This is my latest creation and actaully a very simple one.
Basically, the claw grabs something that hits the blue rod and it just puts it's teeth into it... and hard!

-fun to use
-can trap anything (even my walking-robot)
-a chain so the target can't move
-it keeps it's mouth closed when hit

-might bite and close when you're setting it

For short:
It's a recommandable Bear Trap.

Update on the Tornado:
It is Posted!!!

Step 1: The Ring

This part is for a sturdy bodyframe.

Step 2: The Pole Ring

This part is to lock it around something like a tree.

Step 3: The Chain

this part is to keep the Trap Ring and the Pole Ring together.

Step 4: The Emplacer

This part is to keep the trap opened until someone or something hits it.

Step 5: The Actual Trap

the Rings and the Chain are actually not required (but they make it look nicer), you only need the actual Trap and the Emplacer.

Step 6: Assembly

The pictures speak for themselves:

If you have any problems, post a comment on my orangeboard.

Step 7: The Tricky Bit

This part is kinda tricky and will require some stable fingers.
you need to disconnect the yellow rods so the trap is set.
here, 2 pics on how it should look.

pic 1 connected, pic 2 disconnected.

Step 8: It's Done!!!!

Weel you've built yourself a knex bear trap.
have freaking much fun!!!



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    can I use the orange double sided things instead of those one side grey things I have only orange I don't have anymore grey

    How many of these pieces?

    That a good idea !!

    I will build it AWSOME!!!!

    In the emplacer step does the blue rod with the grey clip attached to anything underneath???

    Easy to deactivate, like all bear traps. Someone throws something on it, it snaps shut and is deactivated.

    And that's a bad thing?