Picture of T.K.B.T (The Knex Bear Trap)
Check My Tornado 480 Command V2 too!

This is my latest creation and actaully a very simple one.
Basically, the claw grabs something that hits the blue rod and it just puts it's teeth into it... and hard!

-fun to use
-can trap anything (even my walking-robot)
-a chain so the target can't move
-it keeps it's mouth closed when hit

-might bite and close when you're setting it

For short:
It's a recommandable Bear Trap.

Update on the Tornado:
It is Posted!!!

Step 1: The Ring

Picture of The Ring
My bear trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!! 002.jpg
This part is for a sturdy bodyframe.
Kona-chan2 years ago
moneyman1232 years ago
can I use the orange double sided things instead of those one side grey things I have only orange I don't have anymore grey
SN1P3RL0RD2 years ago
How many of these pieces?
That a good idea !!

I will build it AWSOME!!!!
ryanspare4 years ago
Skreetsha (author)  ryanspare4 years ago
Thanks mate.
Are you acting brittish??????
In the emplacer step does the blue rod with the grey clip attached to anything underneath???
K.G.T.4 years ago
Easy to deactivate, like all bear traps. Someone throws something on it, it snaps shut and is deactivated.
Skreetsha (author)  K.G.T.4 years ago
And that's a bad thing?
No, I'm just saying. Your version might actually work. When I try it it takes a kick to trap anything. I just want to catc my cat. The cat broke my K'nex Cage.
Skreetsha (author)  K.G.T.4 years ago
Lol, you might have a chance, but no succes guarenteed :P
Dang this would be in front of my lil brothers room lol i hope it scares him
Skreetsha (author)  starwarsjedi764 years ago
Lol good luck
Dumchicken4 years ago
better angle?
Skreetsha (author)  Dumchicken4 years ago
I hope you're kidding? This is the easiest part of the whole build
oliibob4 years ago
i added another 4 elastic bands and put my face in it :D
Skreetsha (author)  oliibob4 years ago
Lol!!! I hope u didnt sharpen them!
it is very very very.............................................................................................
.................................very very hard to sharpen them :/
Skreetsha (author)  Dumchicken4 years ago
Lol, i can only imagine
Dumchicken4 years ago
(removed by bomb squad)
Skreetsha (author)  Dumchicken4 years ago
Dumchicken4 years ago
how is it set of?
Skreetsha (author)  Dumchicken4 years ago
If you hit the pin it should close if set properly.
dnmonsen5 years ago
could you make a video of it
Skreetsha (author)  dnmonsen5 years ago
Go to my Youtube account and search Viccie.B1993's Knex Creations.
dp mac6 years ago
ouch imagine sharpining the knex
Skreetsha (author)  dp mac6 years ago
I did not since that is illigal in holland XD
wtf! sharpened knex are iligal in Holland
Skreetsha (author)  arf2006 years ago
No, having a lethal weapon in your home, is illegal in Holland, not sharpening K'nex. LOL.
they only kill you if it hits your neck or something.
Skreetsha (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Yeah, but that makes it lethal, right? You just have to aim a bit more precise. Lol.
Well if you're stupid enough to get hit with a bear trap in the neck you kinda deserve to die... helping humanity lol

*flops over*

Lol. And how exactly does he flop over? Wouldn't it be a coincidence that the bear trap is near?
Trips over something?
how about a person laying on the ground the bear trips over him the man dies and the bear falls in the trap and dies too.
Bears don't "trip" very well.
builder9115 years ago
Tyler20195 years ago
What goes on the bottem of the trigger part
Tyler20195 years ago
I think tis thing is awsome thanks for making it
i am going to trap my brother in it
peepee45 years ago
cool! can u make it smaller?
jack6915 years ago
i put 2 of the strog ruber bands on it and it cosled on my haned i it hurt like a real  Bear Trap
freerunnin16 years ago
this part didn't work on mine so i modded it, i changed the gray connectors to the female ball joints and took away the blue rod, spacers, white rod and red connectors. now its pretty painfull :)
whats a female ball joint
Its this:
ball joint.jpg
No that's the male, because it goes in *snickersnicker* The female is the reciever lol
can u post it i like it
can i see some pics
kennyboy 27 years ago
this is awsome!!!
Skreetsha (author)  kennyboy 26 years ago
do you know what you should do? lay this thing in front of your sisters bedroom if she walks out, shell get grabbed by the claw xD
but sharpen the ends of the rods lol!
Skreetsha (author)  thomaswatton6 years ago
:S But that would really hurt like hell! I don't wanna hurt, just scare! >:D
but if someone has a really evil sister...
then Booom
lol "ankle falls off" rofl
well, u wont be laughing at 4 hours in accident and emergency, but worth it in the long shot anyway.
yep, it would be worth it
i dont live with my sis tough so i dont have much experience in that field.
i do it 2 my annoying lil bro instead!
hehe lol=D
Skreetsha (author)  kennyboy 26 years ago
thanks :D sorry for the late reply
sall' right
i put my head in it and it HURT! 4* for the pain factor!
Perhaps one of my favorite comments of all time.
Skreetsha (author)  ooglie_booglie6 years ago
Why the hell would you put your head in this?! LOL!
Does it hurt at all
Skreetsha (author)  thomaswatton6 years ago
Bare footed yes and only two rubberbands. on each side one With sockes, it hurts with two bands on each side.
bare footed and just walking on knex hurts like f$k i cant even imagine how much this hurts if you full stood on it like slamming to destroy it OOOOWWWW
supah4x0r6 years ago
can u make an instructable of your "stuart robot" plz.
how does it work ?
The Nomlack6 years ago
i bet u could kill a rat if u sharpened the peices by the way nice trap!
Skreetsha (author)  The Nomlack6 years ago
Ps2playa6 years ago
wow that is very cool but can it really hurt someone?
Skreetsha (author)  Ps2playa6 years ago
The video of my knex creations on Youtube shows it can catch a Stuart, XD!
Skreetsha (author)  Ps2playa6 years ago
If you put on 2 rubberbands on both sides, HELL YEAH!
tytyjul976 years ago
i added too many rubberbands when i setted it up i set it off by accident it realy hurts good thing i didnt sharpen the white rods
death1923336 years ago
My brother and I both built one....we're gonna trap some geese soon...LOL
hockys16 years ago
this works really well
can yuo make a trap that can acherly catch stuth
this thing is awsome
Skreetsha (author)  thomaswatton6 years ago
Glad you like it! :D
pretty quick reply well i guess this was aswell
Skreetsha (author)  thomaswatton6 years ago
well not really
mine was a whole 1 hours 50 mins but urs was two minutes more than mine im just starting to go on and now im confusing myself lol
freerunnin16 years ago
try making a giant one that u put in some1s bed so they lay on it and it traps them :)
Skreetsha (author)  freerunnin16 years ago
Nah, i'm busy with the FAMG 960 :D
when do u think it will be posted
Skreetsha (author)  thomaswatton6 years ago
Fam isn't happening anymore, i think i'm gonna rebuild Stuart.
what or who's Stuart
Skreetsha (author)  thomaswatton6 years ago
This little guy: I made him for the first time when i was 8, but i had a crappy engine then, so it couldn't walk because the engine couldn't deal with all the things that needed to be moved. I now have a srong engine, and it can move itself. Anyway, here he is:
My Knex Creations, Videos, and Fotos 035.jpg
dazakazam6 years ago
dont worry i only had 1 rubber band on each side
dazakazam6 years ago
this is a well cool idea!!!!! i built it, had a little trouble setting it, but was soon catching my cat! lol
statified7 years ago
this is so hard to set !!!!!
Skreetsha (author)  statified7 years ago
i know but you have to try and try and try some more i had to set mine like 6 times to get perfect :)
yeah its such a great result when you do set it though :D
Skreetsha (author)  statified7 years ago
yeah i know :D it has actually grinded my walking robot to a stop, than it just kept on walking with the trap still attached to it's bottom LOL but it couldnt come far cause the chain was still on the trap :D
lol i throw my dogs toys in them. my dad put his foot in it though, that was funny :P
Skreetsha (author)  statified7 years ago
lol did he got stuck but walked further and then jammed xD lmao
lol he just went AAARGGH then threw it at the wall.
Skreetsha (author)  statified7 years ago
is it still ok? (lol) dont mean the dad xD
yeh not much broke surprisingly.
Here's what happens to me: the trigger jams up the trap!!! HELP!
Skreetsha (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
sorry wrong smiley XD was supposed to be this :)
Skreetsha (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
trigger jams?? it doesnt have a trigger only a 2 rods to hold the thing open heres how to keep it open: -build the rod-like trigger with everything attached to each other -pull out on of the yellow rods but make sure it still lying against the snow flake connector -you can use it now but you might wanna snap of both rods so that its sure it will close clear? hope it is :0
one time, my friend (bad apple) and I tried to make a knex mouse trap. It was like two years ago. When I knocked out the 'cheese', the mouse trap flung up and hit my face. so, that didn't go too successfully! lol;.
Skreetsha (author)  PineapplebobTheGreat6 years ago
Lol, were you ok?
antonk6 years ago
do you have to conect it
antonk6 years ago
how do you get them up without moving the center piece
alfpwns6 years ago
is it possible 2 make it square? i dont have enough flexis
Skreetsha (author)  alfpwns6 years ago
Of course! The flexi sides aren't even needed XD
anaconda6 years ago
can you trap wall-e? just asking. it would be funny to see wall-e vs. the K.B.T.
Skreetsha (author)  anaconda6 years ago
Dunno... :? They were not built at the same time so i couldn't test if it could trap Wall-E. :S
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
interesting... I have never seen anything like this on site before, I would like to see more of them
Skreetsha (author)  ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
Thanks and it is the only one on the site just like my KTB :P Check that one too! It's a time bomb :D
Skreetsha (author)  ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
Yeah :P
MUSTANGS6 years ago
can you build a field goal
Skreetsha (author)  MUSTANGS6 years ago
Don't think so :S Whats a field goal???
do you live in america? its the goalpost at the end of an american sport.
Skreetsha (author)  builder9686 years ago
Oh ok :P And no, i don't live in America but, in Holland. :P And the concept of a Field Goal sound rather boring, Sorry but i'm not interested :/
menciaman6 years ago
You should tell people what pieces they need
Skreetsha (author)  menciaman6 years ago
it isnt a lot or something it are just a few pieces
do u always say "have freaking much fun!" at the end of an instructable?
Skreetsha (author)  Doomsday Killer6 years ago
yes i need to :D lol its my one-liner at the end of an ible im gonna write it in evry ible of mine XD
narutard6 years ago
I attached razers to the ends of white rods put some food in this and caught a squirel.
You're joking right?
pls narutard6 years ago
Skreetsha (author)  narutard6 years ago
:O thats cruel it was just something for fun not for real use
yerjoking6 years ago
Sharpen the whites, or swap them for sharpened blues, that would give the unfortunate person who trys to snoop around in your room a nasty surprise!! =3
Skreetsha (author)  yerjoking6 years ago
than it would be illigal in holland but i think its legal in america but im not sure btw nice idea
Lol, I'm from England, so Iunno
Skreetsha (author)  yerjoking6 years ago
lunno? what does that mean?
Its how I say I don't know, Iunno, I should of just said I don't know, but I'm used to saying Iunno
Skreetsha (author)  yerjoking6 years ago
ok ( freaking funny xD)
i think he meant dunno lol
Skreetsha (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
lol no its his word :)
well where i live if someone is on your property you can shoot and kill them and i mean that
Skreetsha (author)  knexfan91826 years ago
thats harsh :O i am not visiting you xD
Looks like Auntie Caroline is coming over! WTF? We didn't invite her! Hi, I'm here! buddabuddabuddabuddabudda....
I don't think i said that right but its so that if some one breaks in to your house you can but you may still have to go to court.
Skreetsha (author)  knexfan91826 years ago
of course... only out of defense, you may atack someone :)
I take it you're from the Texas region then. While it is true that you can shoot someone that's on your property, it applies to self-defense, and then only if they pose an imminent threat to your life, or the life of another person. Texas has basically taken the whole "being legal to shoot an intruder in your home" and extended it to your property. While it's alright to "shoot first and ask later" for a burglar in your home, if they're only on your property then you better be **** sure that they're pointing a gun at you before you before you sight a bead on a trespasser.
Its kinda like that but I should have said it only in your home but no i don't live in Texas
;) No, I did mean Iunno
do you have to have the chain or can u substitute a rope or string?
Skreetsha (author)  J Moneyman6 years ago
the chain isnt required at all i think you could use rope
Really, post the cat. I like the stuff you build, but this just... Friggin awesome!!!!!!! Im gunna catch my brother in this. the gun is nice too. Really, post the gun.
the trick when using it on prey is to PUT AS MANY RUBBERBANDS ON IT AS YOU FRIKKING CAN!!!!!
Skreetsha (author)  Your Average Guy7 years ago
its coming in hopefully not saying that it is 2 to 3 weeks ok?
Skreetsha (author) 7 years ago
dude its gonna be posted already but thanks you like it :)
skatelow7 years ago
post the gatling gun
i dont understand what the chain and ring do?
Skreetsha (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse7 years ago
they are to put it around something like a tree or a table foot
i know that, but why do u need it?
Skreetsha (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse7 years ago
its just an optianal feature its not required bu its just cooler to look at it when it does have them
yeh, i understand, just wondering if its anything nessesary
when i say the ring i mean thye pole ring
bullet-head7 years ago
nice idea never seen before...... might build
jollex7 years ago
Very cool. I will build.
benfoxg7 years ago
post ur gat
Skreetsha (author)  benfoxg7 years ago
really? i thought poeple would hate it xD
statified7 years ago
this is soo cool! and yeh post the gat.
Skreetsha (author) 7 years ago
3-0 for posting
The Jamalam7 years ago
post the gatling gun and 5 stars!
The Jamalam7 years ago
oh i found it
strato967 years ago
I say post
Skreetsha (author)  strato967 years ago
2-0 for posting