T.N.K.I.T Round 1 Entry - Every Terrain Tank With Fully Automatic Turret


Introduction: T.N.K.I.T Round 1 Entry - Every Terrain Tank With Fully Automatic Turret

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This is my entry for T.N.K.I.T. It's a very special little tank. This baby has fully independent suspension and it has a fully automatic gun on top which holds 15 shots and can shoot 1 per second with the flick of a switch. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: The Gun

The gun shoots about 60 rounds per minute. In the video I only loaded a few because it takes a while to prepare and I had to get the perfect lighting and angle. The gun rarely jams and shoots 1-2 meters (3-6 feet) which is rather far for a fully automatic gun.

Step 2: The Rest of It

The suspension is independent and very strong. There is not, however, a motor to make it move forwards, so you have to push it by hand. This vehicle takes the term "tank" to a whole new level.



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    Are you giing to do the other tnkit entry?

    1 reply

    OH!!! Carlz!!! I didn't realize this was you! Well, I obviously have the same username. =p

    Yup. It's me. It's part of being the Name Changing Fool. You have to have different usernames for everything. IRC, Forums, Different Forums, et cetera.

    Why do you want to be the Name Changing Fool in the first place?

    Who? What? I just haven't changed this username yet. I have a different one on KI, and I use a nickname for that one on IRC. But awhile back I used to have a new name every month. Then Mepain called me TNCF and said I couldn't change my name anymore.

    Ok I've been wondering this forever. What does Lmao stand for?

    Then go make it. It's pretty good. It's better if you make the treads shorter, though. Easier turning. IE- Move the middle one back a space, and remove the front one.

    Cool, but i can't watch the video. Can you please change it to WMV instead of a MOV file?

    3 replies

    I figured out how so give me a day and I'll convert the files

    Ok, i saw the suspension one and the minigun one. Can't see the two mov vids though, are you gonna convert those too?