Step 1: Materiel's

Flint and steel, water, TNT, ladders, stone

Step 2: Cannon

Make a u 4 block long lines

Step 3: Finishing

Build one up on each end then put a ladder down like the picture shows

Step 4: Loading Part1

Pour water into the end away from the ladder

Step 5: Loading Part 2

Place the TNT light the bottom wait 5 seconds then light the top

Step 6: Thanks Dudes

Thanks for looking or watching or whatever please leave a comment and a like and tell me what I can do to make these better

Step 7:

<p>it worked for me thanks</p>
You half to light the top one to
It won't work 4 me the 1 in the water just blows up
Waiting five secs would result in the TNT blowing up before you could light the TNT that was being fired...

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