In this Instructable you will learn how to make a TO DO chalkboard using a laser cutter.  I used the laser cutters at TechShop in San Francisco to make this happen.     

Things you will need:

a vector of stencil letters 

.25 inch thick MDF with a pre finished chalkboard surface (18" x 24")

a "D" hook

Gorilla Super Glue (www.gorillatough.com)

a measuring device

a pen(cil)/marker

optional: laytex gloves for applying super glue

a nail and hammer to hang up

and some chalk!

Step 1: Preparing your vector file

First you will create the shape of your chalkboard.

I chose a Rounded Rectangle that was 23"x17".

I decided on that size because the bed in the laser cutter is 24"x18". And I found it to be easiest to just make my cut slightly smaller than the dimensions of my material. 

Next you can include your text in a stencil font: TO DO

First instructable and featured! Way to go :-)
<p>thank you! :)</p>

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