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Toddy drink is an alcoholic beverage collected from the sap of various species of palm trees like date palms, coconut palms, Palmyra. It is also known as palm wine, Kallu in South India, palm toddy or toddy/tadi or neera in North India.

In kerela it is very infamous as our land is also called "keerangulade naadu"-which means the land of cocunut trees

heres how it is made....

  1. take cocunut water
  2. add some sugar and east to it
  3. mix it
  4. place it in a dark place and leave it for 36 hrs
  5. drink


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-08-01

Do you know how the sap is collected? is done by cutting the flower stump("kuumbu") and fastening a container beneath it.

apparently...this is the easy method.

the other is by climbing the tree and placing a container beneath the cut flower stump and retreiving it is called neera or "madhura kallu" has no kick or alchaholic effects..

if it is kept for sometimes..say for 1 day..fermentation takes place(yes..even without east and sugar.)and the resultant drink is toddy.

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Bio: i live in kerela(the god's own country)
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