TOOLBOX MAKEOVER - Simple and Fast


Introduction: TOOLBOX MAKEOVER - Simple and Fast

About: I enjoy tinkering life. Most of my videos come from a place of necessity. I have have no idea what comes next - we will have to wait to see.

So it seems that no matter how many drill bit sets I buy, I never have a complete set. I HAVE THE SOLUTION! As soon as I buy a new set I paint the shanks on each set a unique color - PROBLEM SOLVED and it only takes about 2 min per set!

Step 1: Before Photo

Step 2: Insert Bits Into Scrap Foam Block

Just insert bits up to end of shank for a finished look

Step 3: Choose Your Color and Paint

Step 4: Bask in Your New and Improved Organized Self!

Step 5:

Step 6:



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    Brilliant. Best ideas are always the simple ones.