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i m pretty sure that this prank will work because toothpaste is something which one uses in morning or evening and at that time one feels sleepy ...so thus your mission will be completed

personal note-i experimented it on me and trust me it will fire up your whole mouth///

Step 1:

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Materials required are chilly powder and toothpaste ......
Kiteman3 years ago
Oh, that's evil, but don't you notice the funny colour?
aditya jain 999 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
have u saw all my step in one of the step i have mentioned mixed the chilly powder//.......so the victim shud have no doubt
You could also put it directly on the brush and shake off the excess. That should still be enough to freak them out and it wouldn't ruin their toothpaste.
aditya jain 999 (author)  bioboy7253 years ago
but i don't think this would work that's y i thought to mix it in toothpaste and remove out the excess ...since the victim will be in sleepy mood he will not be so active ...and thus u will be successful
I found some red cinnamon toothpaste, that could work
aditya jain 999 (author)  Michael_Bell3 years ago
as most of them will be sleepy......and also mix it well so victim should not notice no colour difference
Oh, that could!