Ok if you have the "newer" 8-bit Nintendo, (if not get one there awesome!) And you want to use the game genie.....you cant.
  As the story goes the NES 101 (top loader) was made way after the game genie was invented. And as a either design over sight or with purposeful  miscalculation (Nintendo didn't really like the game genie). A game genie will NOT fit into the top loading NES.
  Now this was realized this and sold a adapter to use the game genie , it was free if you asked for it, now they are very very rare.
  And one is now being sold on ebay for more then a hundred dollars.
  And i am not going to pay that much to mess around with some Nintendo games. So i for a way to hack the game genie to fit into the top loading Nintendo Entertainment System.

Step 1: Step One: Tools & Materials

1 hack saw
1 top loading Nintendo System
1  NES game genie

Step 2: Step Two: HACK THE GENIE!!!!

Take your hacksaw, and saw the bottom flush, So your cutting off the little walls around the board that sticks out. Becarefull not to cut that circuit board. This will destroy the game genie.
    OK your done this will now fit into a Top Loading NES,  just press it into the NES with a little force and it will pop into place.  I also cut off the black plastic straps that are useless with the top loading NES.

         !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!
To get it out you have to case the case of the top loader off and pull it out with the top of the systems case.
 Trust me you think your goign to be able to pull it back out but man its in there.

Step 3: Step Three: PLAY SOME NINTENDO!

game genie codes are all over the internet and it brings those old games some new life.
You can get them for 100 bucks, there's a bunch on ebay, this is where i snapped a pic of the adapter its up there, bottom right of step two. <br> I tried to cram it in there but wouldn't connect at all seemed that the wall of the game genie were just to high to let the circuit board connect to the 72 pin connector thing. <br>So i took drastic measures and got out the hacksaw.
Actually those top load systems are kinda rare themselves, I got mine in 1994 for 10 USD from Best Buy (lol). <br> <br>I never heard of the adapter though, I just forced my game genie in there and then mounted the game and did not touch the game or console or it would reset/freeze up the system. <br> <br>If you could post a pic of this adapter I would be interested in seeing it.

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