Don't you hate it when people go through your stuff or steal things here are some simple solutions. Remember, the key to a good hiding place is it must be well hidden but easy to get to.

Step 1: The Air-soft Gun

1:Take a air-soft gun with a detachable hand grip and take them off. 2:Fold your piece of paper or money and put it in the grip. 3:put the grip back on.
<p>You said the stuff has to be easy to access. How can I access the paper in the candle easily?</p>
interesting, what about other methods or perhaps those that could be helpful with hiding larger things. the candle may have problems with damaging the paper but the stapler and picture frame are good and inventive.
The cut out book is my favorite....but I'm a classic fan of stuffing something in a book on a shelf.

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