One of the easier and better recepies of the spaniard cook.

Step 1: Ingredients

For two persons:
Olive oil (as good as possible)
Two medium potatoes
Three eggs

Step 2: Peel and Dice

Peel and dice the potatoes. Put a frying pan with oil over medium flame.

Step 3: Fry Potatoes and Mix With Eggs

When the oil is hot put the potatoes until they are soft.
Remove from the pan.
Beat the eggs.
Mix the fried potatoes with the eggs and add salt to taste.

Step 4: Making the Omelet

Remove almost all the oil from tha pan, and put the egg and potato mix in.
(It's important to have a good pan that doesn't stick).

Step 5: Last Step

Let cook for a minute or so, until you see that it is becoming consistent.
Then turn the tortilla as seen in the picture and fry the other side for another minute.

It's delicious and don't worry about cholesterol, it's the basis of the mediterranean diet.



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    9 Discussions

    But without onions aren't "Spanish omelet", only "potato omelet"... ;)

    My grandparents are from spain and my grandmother use to make this she would cut it into wedges like a pie. It was about 2 inches thick with layers of thin potatoes. Fried banana's was another one of my favorite things my grandfather use to make.

    I've been looking for this recipe for years. An ex made it for me once. She used chipotle pepper and paprika in it though. tasty stuff.

    don't foget the onion, it is the most important!!! add a diced big onion to the potatoes and fry it all together. :O)

    it looks kinda soupy. Heres a tip if you let the eggs and potatoes set together in a separate bowl they mix better together. When i was in spain they used two put them on bagets with mayo it is deliscious

    I make this all the time, but with a little tweak. I put sliced "Spanish" chorizos (not Mexican - different flavor), or even some Italian Crespone, because I can't live without meat. After the flipping process I grate some Asiago cheese, or other sharp cheeses on the top, and let it melt. After plating the dish I slice slivers of roasted red pepper and tomato rounds. Decorate the the top of the tortilla, and serve. Everybody who has tried it loves it. Since I am of spanish descent the family has renamed the dish Patatas a la (or "de") Miguel, to save me from persecution and ridicule.

    sounds good, i'm going to have an easier dinner to make than I thought!!!

    genial el tutorial! :)