Picture of ASSEMBLY
toy ocras 2-6-1`2 006.JPG
toy ocras 2-6-1`2 007.JPG
toy ocras 2-6-1`2 003.JPG
ASSEMBLY- pliers, snips,are used to form the paperclips around the body of the Pen. Then remove it and slide it  over the Orca. magnet and center it. Spot some glue  on the top side. The  end of the wire is formed into a small hook to attach  the string.

Tape- form it around one end. cut out some of it to look like a tail. May need to spot glue the top side.

Orcas- We used 3 small ones  and 2 large ones. They are purchased in pairs for a dollar in a dollar store. Carefully pull them apart and dont let them pinch your finger..
Paint- We used white correction fluid.and a Q-tip if needed.Hobby paint is best.

Rod center support- We went overboard and made a hub  from a piece of wood. See diagram Not critical on size.
Clamps- Any will do but must have flat  lips.Dollar stores and Home Depot has several sizes,low cost ones.You may tie them on the top rods also but this will prevent you from  adjusting them later at various heights.