Hey, this is my first instructable. It is the TP-23 assault pistol. Thanks to TheDunkis's oodassault pistol for the main frame and trigger. It has a 7 shot magazine and can reach up to about 30-40 yards with good rubberbands. I posted this too see if you wanted instructions to build this.
this is not an ible, its one pic.....
this comment made me lol for some reason
hahaha!!!!!! how? =D
You just sounded really disgusted lol
lol, i was just telling him... btw,did u get a halloween postcard off instructables?
Nah, got one last year though :P
whats an ible<br />
short for instructable......
yea soz about that i posted this to see if people wanted it to be a instructable<br /> <br />

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