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Well many of you have probably seen my TRCB-8 and this is a shortened mini version of it. Hence why I call it the Turret Pistol Connector Body. Anyways I'm not all that good at intros so, I'll give you the specs in a nutshell: same, possibly even better range than the TRCB-8, looks sweet, compact, comfy, accurate, no broken pieces.


I guess it is alright, I have just never been a big fan of TR guns.

well yeah, i just wanted to make a tr pistol so..... but have you seen my slide action pistol?

That makes sense, and this is a nice TR pistol. I have seen your slide action pistol.

I was just wondering cause you didn't drop me a comment and thanks for the compliment

I did not comment as I was not sure what to say, and you are very welcome.

Yeah, no problem. I did not offend you, did I?

no not at all, (its very hard to offend me BTW) =D

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