This is how to create a DIY white board for only $15 !!

Step 1: Secure Your Materials!

From Home depot pick up 30" x 36" window glass along with Mirror hanging material

Step 2: Mark Out a Level

Mark out a level 30" x 36" square on the wall

on the top and bottom lines measure in 3" from both sides...

Step 3: And There You Go !

An awesome white board for only $15 !

<p>That's neat. It looks kind of modern too. But maybe a mat glass will be better? Because of the reflection and all</p>
A shower board works as a Whiteboard.
Good idea for a cheap whiteboard! You should try to put LEDs on the edges so it has a backlight!
Great idea. I have a wall were I have wanted to put a whiteboard but did not because I did not want to cover up the cool paint job. This would be an elegantly simple solution.

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