TR-4 Buzzsaw Preview (internals Update)





Introduction: TR-4 Buzzsaw Preview (internals Update)

Well before we even start I know what you're thinking. Where's the turret? Has JonnyBGood forgot some of the most basic knex gun deffinitions on this site? No I haven't and yes it is a turret, I just put a different spin on it (haha!). The turret is the rounded front part of the gun but instead of spinning perpendicular to the shooter, it spins towards the shooter. The front rounded part of the gun literally spins like a saw, thus the name buzzsaw. Now that I cleared things up a little lets look at some of the pros and cons:
Looks great (to me)
Trigger extends the length of the handle allowing you to use your entire hand to squeeze the trigger.
Sci-fi (with a capital S)
40 feet of range (using one rubberband that wasn't a 64)
New concept
4 blue rod capacity max
Cannot shoot larger ammo
Cannot be "dry fired"
Sometimes revolver does not stop spinning. (1 out of 5 trys)
It isn't anywhere near as easy to use as a standerd TR8
Does not offer any benefits in a knex war (besides looking good) XD
Uses two cut rods. (no I didn't use a buzzsaw to cut them either)
Anyway I'd love to know what you think about this gun so please leave a comment. Thanks!
Again I can't stress how surprised I am on the intrest people have in this gun!
Anyway you may also be able to weigh in on how I can make it work better as well. The problem I'm having right now is how to keep the turret section together. It is currently held together at two points the cut rods, well this worked with my old ammo locks but not with my new ones. The new ones solve the problem I was having with rods ricocheting off them when fired, but lack the structural integrity to hold the two revolver halves together. I added some image notes to the picture to clarify my lingo and also feel free to ask questions as always!



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    Wow I'm really suprised at the amount of intrest in this gun! I thought you all were going to think I was crazy. Seriously. I am working on internals and a video currently, if all goes as planned expect a full ible this weekend (also depending when I finish working out one last little problem). I'll keep you updated

    If I were to give you an idea; why don't you share the problem in the gun so that some other gun modders (Red, Dr. Richtofen, FlyingFish, me etc.) can help you in solving that problem? It could be a success!

    Well pics of my technical and problematic area are up! Feel free to give advice or suggestions.

    I remember making this into a meelee weapon :') *sniff*

    That's a very unique design. I like it.

    That's a radical design. My jaw dropped. Makes me want to get back into knexing.

    Well thanks! I hope you do start knexing again. There's just so many ideas that people haven't tried yet so I'm trying to build them. This wasn't too hard, you must need to look at common styles differently.

    I've been out of the game for a long time dude, and college is right around the corner. I don't even have any knex where I live right now lol, I left all of it at mom's place.

    Well that sucks..... I'm a sophmore in college as well so time is always an issue.