I made this TR12 turret myself and was wondering if you guys wanted it posted. This turret is used on a TR body and still uses the wind up ratchet loader thingy-ma-bob. Although the TR gun body requires cut parts if you want the turret to work. So, who wants it posted?
Need a TR gun to go with it. Can you make one please?
This was posted a while ago. The TR I made to go with this is <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-TR12-Turret-Instructions/" rel="nofollow">here</a>.
Um? Ooookaaaay.
post or else
The TR12 is posted, but I'm not posting the assault rifle.
It's posted
Alright, I will tomorrow probably. You do know that the bullet locks on here are all in the same place and work better than the other TR12 turret, right?
i like post
your welcome so are you going to post
Yeah, I will. Maybe this weekend.
k thanks
Hey it's posted!
thank u i need to torchor my sister with something...
You do know that this turret was built for the TR series, right? So meaning it probably only works on a TR gun body. Well, that's how I designed it. I'll post in the instructions what parts you have to cut on the gun for the turret to work.
quite nice!

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