Presenting.... TR18. One of the greatest Knex guns in the universe.


Also, check out KillerK's slideshow for more pictrues and updates, - TR18  <--Cool box :-)

Well here it is, the TR18. Alot of people really wanted to know how to mae this, so, (with KILLERK's permission) I decided to post it!

Very powerful
18 shot turret
Ram rail
Strong, comfy handle
Strong trigger
Comfy stock
Range- (I got it to 85ft with a white rod, and I easily got 230ft with red rod w/ fins)
Strong design

Quite uncomfortable to hold if you have long arms
Orange connector on ram guide can break if you use too many bands.

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Soo... you like? Of couse you do! Righty'o, Lets get building!

Step 1: Parts list

It never any gun to get halfway through making something then finding out you dont have the pieces! So here are the parts you need!

Yellow- 52
Green- 6
White- 15
Grey 2-space- 54
Grey 1- space- 90
Red- 6
Orange- 7
Blue 3d- 1

Green- 59
White- 48
Blue- 5
Yellow- 37
Red- 4
Grey- 2 
Black (strengthened)- 2 (They can be grey rods if you want)

Blue spacer- 22
Tan clip- 20
Metallic blue clip(This can be changed for a grey 1-space connector)- 1
Ball socket- 1
Y-Connector (Picture)- 2
Small wheel w/ tire- 2
Medium wheel w/o tire (Picture)- 3
<p>Can you replace the 2 position connectors with anything else such as red 3 space connectors?</p>
its nice but to many parts <br>
very nice gun i'm going to build tommorow btw (i thin you were trying to spell make* but you forgot the k* so it looks like mae so better change it.
i like it! THUMBS UP!
I have a question. can you put a Turret 8 shot on it
Had to tap the rods in with a screwdriver and a hammer 0.o
&nbsp;(this is on step 2) you never told people that you need to weaken all the tan clips...... (this is for newbs)
You dont need to weaken the tan clips. They work just fine.
Lol longest comment chain ever <br>
<strong>&nbsp;wellll you should. killerk even says so.</strong>
He may have said that. Doesnt mean you have to.
&nbsp;yes, but I <strong>personally</strong> find that it helps alot
Btw, use italic for things like that, not bold.
Lol we keep getting into smartass (not meant to be rude or innaproppriate)<br>Conversations like that don't we lol.
they will weaken on their own<br />
The high lord of Knex guns speaks!
check out this tr 4 im working on!!!!! <br /> (it barely works)<br /> <br />
nifty design, i like it
It sucks.
<a href="http://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FIX/6MSB/G0UPQQP9/FIX6MSBG0UPQQP9.MEDIUM.jpg" rel="nofollow"><img alt="nobody-cares1.jpg" src="/files/deriv/FIX/6MSB/G0UPQQP9/FIX6MSBG0UPQQP9.SMALL.jpg" title="" /></a>
Not harsh, true.
im siding with you on this one, lol
&nbsp;hahahahaha amazing picture!
&nbsp;my gun isnt shooting :(
I think it looks cool. I'd love to make it if you put instructions. :)
the only new part about it is the turret, so no. I' sure you can make it from the pics and make your own body for it.
i guess
take any single shot gun like the ultra pistil 2 or something and add this turret to it.
can u show me some more pics of ur turret?
I don't have any pictures of it sorry, but it shouldn't be that hard to mak from that pic.
&nbsp;:/ not bad i guess, that tr18 is enough to make grown men tremble man seriously
Just do <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/TATG/" rel="nofollow">this</a>. Not the mos beautiful gun ever, but it works.<br />
&nbsp;very nice :)&nbsp;
the tan clips need to be stretched apart a little bit so that the white rod can slide by it much easier. it adds range to the gun
ok? lol
He's got a point it does help power.
It makes no difference =)
Can u just make the 8 shot turret? will it hook up?
I am going to buy some more knex what is the best site
I would go for ebay <br />
alredy buy knex on ebay =D
hey ive made it but not sure hw to work it, as the video dosent work. help plzz
how do u shoot it? <br>&gt;_&lt; <br>
how do you connect all these?!<br /> <br /> my fingers kill i cant do it!!!!<br /> <br /> any tips?<br />

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