TR8-2015 Updated 05/01/2015





Introduction: TR8-2015 Updated 05/01/2015

Step 1: TURRET



Step 4: STOCK

Ignore the outdated outdated handle and trigger.


Video coming soon 05/01/2015


Step 7: AMMO


See my YouTube channel to stay up to date on all the latest changes to the TR8.

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Rofl it's been like 7 years since I've been here and I can't believe you are still active in this community, or semi-active I guess.

Just looking at these posts gives me the feels man :'(

I just want to build this thing again but my mom gave all of my knex away because I stopped playing with it...

Anyway, cya around 'KillerKyle' ;)

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lol good to hear from you hope to cya around more often

trigger design in testing to see if I can reduce wear to the trigger pin and less friction charging the gun.

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I have seen the new trigger. I am planning on building today. TR with new trigger, in metallics, and with a slide. :D

Geez how many different trigger combinations can you come up with for that tiny space? There have been what, 5? trigger designs now?

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Hundreds and hundreds this trigger is yet to fail

Haven't you said that about the last one or two as well? I still have the version before this and it has never given me issue before.

I am much more confident with this trigger design over any other

The only end cap I can find is for micro rods. Where did you get yours?

Which size are the rubber tires? Where can I find the cap on the end of the turret on the knex site?

Which of the new pins turned out to be the best? Also, do you happen to know what the cap on the end of the turret is actually called?

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The pin I use and is far superior in every way and is yet to fail or show signs of wear is the traditional "Indestructapin" with the o ring. There are 2 different size tires used on the grip. See K' parts and extras/wheels to see exact specifications

Btw, what size are the tires you are using on the grip?

Btw, what size are the tires you are using on the grip?

Hey killer, nice mods. Could you by any chance make a vid on how to make finammo? I've made it before but I have a feeling I'm not doing it right because they never fly perfectly straight but still fly a god 150 feet out of me and blue mullets LTBBM Weapon of war. I want to know how to make it correctly so I can make mags for it to hold finammo.

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I know I'm not KK, but my experiences with fin ammo have been mixed. When I first built the TR, I thought it was pretty bad, and I don't think I got much over 100 feet. I built it again, and worked with the fin ammo some more and got better. The last time I built it I got a very good range of 280 feet. Not very shabby. Bad fin ammo will get poor range. It took at least a hundred tries to get fin ammo working great.

Also, you need to use red rods for fin ammo. I've tried yellow fin ammo in a TR and it doesn't shoot stright.

I too, desperately want KK to make a video for fin ammo, since I still struggle with it.

And yes, the pin on a TR8 can hold 7 bands with no fear of it breaking. The pin guide is well designed and that helps so much.

I built it and it works great!

I finished the gun super great.

I still have some pieces so I want to make something else.

I kept one of my 8 shot turrets and would like to make an 8 shot pistol that shoots 100+ feet. Do u have any recommendations?

Also cutting an end clip is really easy with the saw on the swiss army knife.

Thanks for all the info I think I'm going to make a ball socket by cutting a normal single end clip at the end