TR8 Updated 6-18-12





Introduction: TR8 Updated 6-18-12

my new turret is pictured 1st
it uses blue clips to hold the mini pins in place for easy replacement if they happen to break
no longer do you have to tear apart the entire turret to replace the mini pins!
the blue clip also locks into the underneath blue clip to keep the min pins sturdy and looking clean
i realize everyone doesn't have a million blue clips to spare but if you do this mod is well worth it!



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yellow connector on the pin guide is blocking the dark grey connector from going far enough for the trigger to block the ram. any ideas?

Show me a few pictures of your gun the firing pin the back of the gun etc... I'll take a look for you an help you out

its a tr18 with tr8 handle trigger and stock. the green/black rod on the trigger is falling out also

It's hard to tell but there is a size 64 band from the trigger to the front off the gun this will be the return band an also keep the green rod in place

Few different angles for you of the trigger band wrapped around the red rods on the front of the gun

photo 1.JPGphoto 5.JPGphoto 3.JPG

how is the tr8 better

It's a matter of opinion
I love my TR8
I spend a lot of time working on the gun thinking of new ways to make it better
My TR8 has been around for a few years now in that time it has undergone vast changes an improvements
The gun was built then tested then tested some more
I tested the designs personally along side my brother and friends
The gun was battle tested in 3 K'nex wars aka Pandamonium and improved greatly after each encounter
It has proven to be extremely reliable in the harshes conditions of battle
In Pandamonium 2011 last summer my brother who is renowned for breaking the unbreakable had not a single gun problem not one broken firing pin no jams nothing using the current model TR8 with only minor design changes
The current model TR8 is in my opinion the best all around K'nex war gun
It combines the best of ROF range ease of use reliability an yrs of being the best gun ever built
Built it exactly as I have pictured an it will work flawlessly

are you going to post your grenade

Idk I think it's simple enough to build did any of my explanations help?
How's your fixes going?

built tr8 ram not reaching turret pics in 3 days
think i built turret wrong